Leichhardt Municipality LEP

Amendments to Draft Local Environmental Plan 2013 (on Exhibition until 31st July 2013) http://www.leichhardt.nsw.gov.au/About-Council/Public-Consultation/Plans-on-Exhibition/Amendments-to-the-Draft-Leichhardt-LEP

Leichhardt Municipality Draft DCP (on exhibition to 31 July 2013
Leichhardt Council has prepared a Draft Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 and it is on public exhibition from Monday 24th June 2013 until Wednesday 31st July 2013.

The draft document needs a bit of work. Here are my initial thoughts.

The area between Johnston's Creek, Mallet Street, Parramatta Road and Booth street is now the Camperdown distinctive neighbourhood within Annandale. See history of boundary of Annandale.

The Urban Framework Plan (A2.2) still shows the Norton Plaza Post Office and the one next to the Town hall as former - the one near the town hall has been reopened as a Post Office and Norton Plaza one is closed. The labels identifying the Annandale Town Hall (should read former council chambers or Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, p97), Uniting Church and Hunter Baillie are incorrect.

The DCP refer to the Sydney Water Viaduct instead of Aqueducts.Haven't checked references to Rail Viaduct.

The User Guide should formalise PRE-DAs

Pg 153 refers to IN2 (Light Industrial Area) and Open Space along Johnston's Creek - need to check LEP to find these areas.

Pg 5 D Seek Plant Species advice from your local nursery - as far as I know the only nurseries in the municipality are both in Annandale - the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery and the Annandale Garden Centre, Booth Street. It would be good if we had a species list.
O3 (Pg 5) Should read Native Flora and Fauna (though I prefer Local Provenance)

C5 Food should include storage, jam making, bottling, drying if they are going to talk about food supply - not sure whether straw bales for mulch, animal manure in community gardens are counted in food miles. It is ofcourse ironic for Australia, as a food exporter, to talk about food miles.

233/233A Johnston Street is in the DCP but the section doesn't have page numbers it is in the table of contents at Pg 55.

Smith, Hogan and Spindlers park gets a special mention though I am not sure whether it includes 77 Taylor Street or not. Perhaps we need similar for Taylor Street South/Johnston's Creek (forgot to check)

Need to Check on Transport (both public and personal/private)