Supermarket will benefit from Light Rail for Customers
The proposed Supermarket in the former Rozelle Tram Sheds at Jubilee Park stop on the Light Rail, will deliver customers from Pyrmont to Dulwich hill.

Northern entrance to Paddys Market Sydney with TramBus Access to Tramsheds Commercial area and Harold Park Residences

However, its potential to draw on customers along the 433 route along the Crescent, has not been considered. The design should provide for a detour by the 433 and 370 buses to take in the tram sheds.

The design of this new shopping and restaurant precinct should move its focus from Cars to Pedestrians and Public Transport.

Take home shopping trolleys would be attractive to residents within the new Harold Park residences as well as those travelling by bus and light rail.

The scale of the supermarket is a high risk approach. Smaller scale retail outlets will provide flexibility, diversity, competition, business and employment opportunities.

King Street, Newtown demonstrates the benefits of Theatre (both live - film) as well as bookshops interspersed within food outlets.

Pedestrian/Public Transport friendly Paddys Markets at Central is also thriving in stark comparison to the commerical and residential development at Birkenhead.

scooterThe solid early 20th century Tram Sheds deserve a 21st Century design integrating into the surrounding foreshore parklands,

Car parking should be limited to Accessible spaces. The external car park should be eliminated. Foreshore land is too valuable to be wasted on cars.

The bridges across Johnston's creek should be pedestrian only. The intersection at Nelson Street and the Crescent should not be upgraded.

Annandale Streetscape - Tom WorthingtonProvision should be made for parking scooters, motorbikes, bicycles and mobility vehicles.

Wheelchair, Pram and Aging (walking sticks and frame assisted) Pedestrian access through parklands should be improved.

Bus Access to site (currently 370 and 433) should be enhanced with stop within site.

Freight Trams
Amsterdam has launched a trial for distributing goods by tram to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in the inner city. The initiative for the pilot project came from a private company called CityCargo Amsterdam BV. A freight tram will run through the city centre during a four week pilot phase. Aim is to improve the distribution of goods in the city centre. CityCargo Amsterdam BV may apply the concept in other cities in due course if the Amsterdam pilot project is successful.

History of Tramsheds, Harold Park and Rozelle Bay

Johnston Creek Parklands Masterplan to go to City of Sydney Environment Committee 2pm 19 August 2013 with a view to recommendation to full council. Item 8 on Agenda

Harold Park Tramshed Development Meeting & Petition
6.30-7.30pm Monday 19 August 2013
Glebe Town Hall, 160 St Johns Road
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wind turbineSubmissions on Transhed Proposal Close 21 August 2013
City of Sydney (D/2013/883): Adaptive re-use, and alterations to, the heritage listed Rozelle Tram Depot for community, retail and commercial uses including a supermarket, restauraunts (unlicenced) and gym serviced by 146 car parking spaces and 65 bicycle spaces. Proposed hours of operation are 6.00am to 12 midnight, seven days a week. Associated works inlcude a pedestrian link to Maxwell Road, a signalised intersection at Nelson St and the Crescent, works to the Johnstons Creek Bridge as well as associated landscaping and heritage interpretation works