Jimmy Goon, a Chinese, of 80 years of age, who resides in Little Bourke st., Melbourne, was the other night, walking along that delectable thoroughfare when he saw an aborigine streteched full length in the gutter. Bending over him. Good said. No good you sleep here, velly much cold and sought to raise the fallen brother. The latter came to life very suddenly and smote the good Samaritan on the nose with such violence as to cause him to see a multitude of stars. Whereupon Goon gave his assailant in charge, and later Douglas Grant, which good Scottish name the aboriginal bears, was locked up for assaulting Goon.
1925 'GOOD SAMARITAN'S LUCK.', Geraldton Guardian (WA : 1906 - 1928), 13 October, p. 1, viewed 28 August, 2013,

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