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Monday 5 November 2013

Thankyou for inviting the community to comment on the OPTIONS FOR

Glebe Island Bridge provides the opportunity for a much more pleasant
bicycle ride or walk into the City than the alternative of the ANZAC
Bridge. The Glebe Island Bridge should be adapted for use as a pedestrian
and cycleway and the Swing Mechanism maintained to allow, when open, the
simultaneous passage of two vessels as its designers and builders achieved
over 110 years ago.

Similar use of the Pyrmont Bridge at Darling Harbour has been extrenely
successful. The cost of maintaining a second similar bridge should only
be incremental.

See the photograph and description of the Four Masted Barque Gustav passing
through the open bridge in the 1920s at: Why the Glebe Island Bridge needs
to be listed on the State Heritage Register

The Report states that only 229 cyclists and 101 walkers commute to work
per day over the ANZAC bridge and that if these commuters had and chose
the alternative of using the Glebe Island Bridge, they would save 5 minutes
and 15 minutes on each trip, which equates to 10 and 30 minutes on the
return trip. This indicates the Glebe Island Bridge would become
significantly more attractive to pedestrians in terms of time alone.

The assumption of 1000 potential trips by cyclists and walkers is extremely
low - as if the 101 walkers commuted on 10 days that would be 2020 trips!

In terms of fitness levels and pleasantness of the trip - a walk or cycle
on a car free Glebe island bridge would be significantly quieter, offer
cleaner calmer air, be less strenuous and as the Report points out, would
be quicker than one on the exposed ANZAC bridge, which has reached its
capacity for pedestrians and cyclists at peak times.

The easier walk and cycle on the Glebe Island bridge rather than the climb
to the ANZAC bridge would make the trip more attractive for both
commuters and recreational walkers and cyclists. This would contribute
significantly to the health and well being of the community.

As Johnston Bay (including Rozelle, Blackwattle and White Bay) foreshores
continue to become residential, the number of walkers and cyclists and
demand for open space will increase. The Glebe island bridge provides the
opportunity for a pedestrian and cycle route to the Casino, Employment at
Pyrmont and Ultimo, the Fish Markets, the arts and culture precinct of the
ABC and UTS as well as the University of Sydney from Leichhardt,
Lilyfield, Annandale, Rozelle, Balmain and beyond.

The Glebe Island Bridge was designed and permits two channels of marine
traffic to pass through when it is open. Delays to boating waiting for the
bridge to open needs to be assessed in proportion to the total time of the
journey these vessels are undertaking and the control they have on their
departure times. After all, even if the bridge were removed, their journeys
would be affected by other traffic in the bays and wider harbour.

Introducing a Toll on the Water Channels will help meet the cost
of maintaining the Channels and opening the bridge.

Please retain the Glebe Island bridge and put it to good use.

Marghanita da Cruz
Tel 0414-869202


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