West Connex Tollway

Minister Duncan Gay: $11-$11.5 billion ...WestConnex Delivery Authority established Posted on: 31/10/2013

Dr Mehreen Faruqui MLC: The 13 billion dollar WestConnex is a massive opportunity cost for real public transport measures for Western Sydney...Westconnex Will Not Deliver for Sydney

Debate resumed from 20 June 2013. Mr JOHN SIDOTI (Drummoyne): The New South Wales Government will spend $1.8 billion on the WestConnex project over four years, funding the first stage before seeking private investment. This will not only alleviate many traffic concerns in the Concord area in my electorate but also stop much of the rat-running in our local streets. This is great news for not only the people of Drummoyne but the State at large. The Government is investing in light rail: $75 million for the central business district and south-east light rail, and $67 million to complete the Inner West Light Rail Extension....BUDGET ESTIMATES AND RELATED PAPERS
Page: 22179 Financial Year 2013-14

West Connex to save 40minutes Parramatta to Sydney Airport?

Current train travel time from Parramatta to Airport at 7:49am on a Monday morning is 44mins. Source: Sydney Transport Planner)

Central to Airport 13minutes. Parramatta to Sydney Airport Domestic travel time is approximately 45 minutes Source:Airport Train.

High Speed Rail (Newcastle-Sydney-Canberra)

Benefits include reduction of flight demand and improve land (rail) access to Sydney Airport

Cost: $12billion to improve rail link between Sydney and Newcastle
$22.2billion to improve rail link between Canberra and Sydney ...more

How well are we utilising our current Road Infrastructure?

18/06: If Sydney could do it for the Olympics why not the rest of the time?

2013 Budget Estimates Roads and Ports

Dr MEHREEN FARUQI: It is good to know. What projects are currently happening
for the better utilisation of roads infrastructure by enabling bidirectional use of lanes
to meet peak demands in opposite directions, such as the ones that operate on the
harbour bridge and on Victoria Road?
The Hon. MICK VEITCH: Contra flows.
The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: You mean the zipper ones?
Dr MEHREEN FARUQI: No, bidirectional use where you can change.
The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: Oh, tidal flow or timed lanes.
Dr MEHREEN FARUQI: Yes. Are there any planned over the next year for roads?
The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I do not know, off the top of my head. Do you mind if I take
that on notice?
I am advised:
Roads and Maritime Services has no plans to implement any tidal flow or timed lane
projects in the 2013-14 financial year.
Duncan Gay MLC
Deputy Leader of Government in the Legislative Council
Minister for Roads and Ports
Source: Answers to questions on notice taken during the hearing Minister Gay Roads and Ports (2013 Budget Estimates Roads and Ports)


Petition To: Federal, New South Wales, and Local Governments
Prioritise Sydney's public & active transport (over the Westconnex).
We the undersigned call upon the Federal, New South Wales, and Local Governments to prioritise enhanced and expanded public and active transport to meet the needs of the people of Sydney.
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