concrete curbing with breaks surrounding a planting of sedges and a treeIt is great to see Swales being integrated into the urban street scape. Swales trap runnoff allowing it to soak in and replenish ground water levels. This is vital, to the survival of cooling trees, in heavily built up areas, where the surface of most of the land is impervious to water.

Street Swales have popped up in Constitution Avenue, in Canberra.

Sedges in Swale, Constitution Avenue Canberra

Water Sensitive Design in Annandale Streets (18 December 2013).

Modified Kerb blisters reduce runoff and replenish ground water. See street plants thriving due to water sensitive design in Taylor Street (South). New modified Kerb blisters have been installed at the intersection of Annandale Street and Piper Street. The modified design channels water from gutter into the blister...more

Kerb Blister with water channelWater Sensitive Kerb Blister
Crossing, Annandale Street at Piper Street Annandale
Photograph Ted Floyd, 18 December 2013