Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk by Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Annandale War Memorial
I just saw the term indie-hybrid for the first time.

In the brave new world, a cover is important to an indie-hybrid book.

But as you want to reach people searhing the internet, robot indexed text is vital.

We see what we recognise so, on a screen it might be a word or an image. So, a cover may help clinch the deal, though a preview such as on itunes, is probably also useful.

For example view Annandale's Great War on itunes at

PDFs are not eBooks. PDF is a print format - eBooks should be in ePub format. More about formatting eBooks at

Lulu does a good job on Print on Demand (POD). Prices and cost of delivery varying on quantity but you can buy one or more books at a time. They also handle online sales and as mentioned previously, distribution through Amazon.

At one of my talk, an attendee examined the binding of Lulu's US Trade format and commented that the quality was exceptional.

Lulu does offer all the other services, editing, design layout or you can source these independently.

I prefer the term Niche to Vanity. I also think eBooks and Print on Demand are the future for the physical book and eBooks have some way to go, integrating video, audio and human interaction bearing little resemblance to a "book".

More at 30/08: How I publish my Short Walk Books

What will the book distribution channels of the future be?

Will we see books integrated into lifestyle stores? eg Cooking books and cook ware Adventure ware and books Cafes and History/Politics?