From Heritage Register: "Callan Point is considered to be the most important Aboriginal archaeological site remaining on the southern shores of Sydney Harbour. Callan Point also contains rare examples of pre-European vegetation and unique European rock carvings."
Callan Park Conservation Area & Buildings, viewed 15 Feb 2014.

From Callan Park Conservation Management Plan:"6C A8ORIGINAL MIDDENS: Four separate aboriginal shell middens all on NPWS register. Middens are a collection of shells discarded from meals. Midden numbers on NPWS register are: 45-6-283; 45-6-618; 45-6-1971; 45-6-1972. There is one additional area of midden remains o the NPWS Register (45-6-1481), which is not identified here as it is located within fill material on the reclaimed waterfront and thus is believed to be of little heritage value."

"6D ROCK CARVINGS: Believed carved by one man who lived on a boat in Iron Cove. Patients may have been responsible for some carvings. It is possible that there were aboriginal carvings on the site but no evidence is visible.

Extensive range of subjects including ships, figures, globes, fish, an animal (possibly alpaca), heads, stars (similar to compass roses) and many numerals (possible dates) and hand lettering (some doesn't seem to make sense. Others possibly in French).

"The Rock Carvings located on ‘The Point’ at Callan Park, NSW Australia are the extraordinary works of two young men (twins) of Maori descent and heritage holding chiefly status within the Northern Tribes of Aotearoa (NZ). They were incarcerated at the Callan Park Asylum in NSW, Australia, for presumed mental illness in 1878....
The spiritual encounters (visions) of these young men, sets the stage to now interpret the various rock carvings they carved."
MAORI ROCK CARVINGS - CALLAN PARK, Maori Twins PROPHESY on the coming of T.W. RATANA the 'MOUTHPIECE OF GOD' in Rock Carvings, viewed 15 February 2014,

Tiawhiao, Maori King, 1884 / photographer H. King, Sydney

Dr. Hector leaves per Wakatipu to night, with 150 tons of goods for the Sydney Exhibition, including a Maori House 1879 'NEW ZEALAND.', Launceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 - 1899), 9 August, p. 3, viewed 15 February, 2014,

1874 'A MAORI'S VIEW OF SYDNEY.', The Wallaroo Times and Mining Journal (Port Wallaroo, SA : 1865 - 1881), 1 August, p. 3, viewed 15 February, 2014,

Some time ago Melbourne was visited by Major Ropata, who hat* been the recipient of distinctions for his bravery as one of our allies in the last New Zealand war, and who now came as a visitor to Victoria in company with Mr. M'Lean. the Native Minister. After his return Major Ropata addressed to the Waha Maori, a journal published in both the English and Maori languages, a letter, of which the following is the portion giving his views of what he saw in Melbourne : — 1874 'A MAORI CHIEF'S OPINION OF MELBOURNE.', The Australasian Sketcher with Pen and Pencil (Melbourne, Vic. : 1873 - 1889), 3 October, p. 111, viewed 15 February, 2014,