Leichhardt Council has released documents about the Review of the Residential Floor Space Ratio (FSR) in the Leichhardt Local Government Area (LGA) for public comment.

The document discusses how a large number of Development Applications include a SEPP 1 objection to the current FSR and the need for Councillors to delegate to staff the determination on these applications. The current requirement is for these applications to be determined by the Councillors.

At the very end of the "Floor Space Ratio Review Public Comment" document, "Unintended Consequences" of changing the FSR. These would be the same Consequences of approval of DA's, to date, which don't conform to the current FSR.

The documents identifies increases in property values, changes to character of neighbourhoods, higher density development, loss of tree cover and increases in population.

It does not mention pressure on Utilities (electricity, gas, sewerage and water), Transport and Roads. Trees, Vegetation, impact of changes in ground water levels on clay soils, runoff/storm water.

"Floor area ratio (FAR), floor space ratio (FSR), floor space index (FSI), site ratio and plot ratio are all terms for the ratio of a building's total floor area (Gross Floor Area) to the size of the piece of land upon which it is built." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floor_area_ratio