Leaves by Steve McGrath was commissioned by Gerry Sont, who plays the lead character, in the opening season.

Leaves is the story of three mates who set off on a boys own adventure for their 50th birthday.

There was good use of video, but the set was probably a little crowded with objects AND colour. Though I would have preferred a setting of the Australian rather than New England (US) woodland.

King Street Theatre is an intimate venue with very comfortable seats.

The play is a must see for blokes planning a big bash. Though some of the themes, particularly the successful careers, may only resonate with blokes in their 50s, it provides food for thought for men of any age and perhaps a wakeup call earlier than later is a good thing!

The character Steve McGrath plays in the play is the most developed, naturally with the best lines. But we can recognise Martin Ashley Jones' successful barrister. Perhaps the insecurity of a real estate agent, Gerry Sont, is the biggest surprise!

King Street Theatre
644 King Street (corner Bray St), Newtown
19-29 November 7.30 pm Tuesday-Friday, 2 pm and 7.30 pm