The 805 metre long concrete cable-stayed bridge ANZAC bridge was opened in 1995. It is made up of six spans with three cable-stayed central spans and a 345meter main span (Source: It has a sister, the Köhlbrand Bridge across Hamburg Harbour.

Constructed from Tasmanian Blackbutt in 1857, the Blackbutt Bridge replaced the punt which used to transport cattle to the Abattoir on Glebe Island.

The Blackbutt Bridge incorporated a hand-cranked manual lift-span, which allowed shipping to pass through to the bays. The Blackbutt Bridge collapsed in 1899.

In 1903, a new steel swing bridge to Glebe Island was opened. Steel Swing bridges were also constructed at Pyrmont (still in existance across Darling Harbour), Drummoyne and Gladesville. The swing span of the Glebe Island bridge allowed ships to pass on both sides of the central pivot. Source: (viewed 26 January 2013)

Sydney, ANZAC and Glebe Island Bridges, Sydney - photo Marghanita

With the increasing population around Rozelle and Blackwattle bays, perhaps it is time for trams to once more run across Glebe Island Bridge.

Expo space to be built on Glebe Island (September 17, 2012). Including photo of Glebe Island Swing Bridge and Island. 27 Jan 2013)

A rumour has resurfaced that the RTA plans to demolish the old Glebe Island Bridge. (10 Jun 09) 27 Jan 2013)

Proposal launched to save Glebe Island Bridge (13 December 2012) “The bridge links the city and the west,” she said. “It wouldn’t cost much to put light rail in and it would connect up with the [Sydney] Fish Market and go right through there.” (viewed 27 Jan 2013)