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Johnston's Creek flows from Petersham under Parramatta Road continuing between Annandale and Camperdown (now Annandale), Forest Lodge and Harold Park into Rozelle Bay, Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour).

It flows under Parramatta Road, Booth Street, Wigram Road, a former Tram bridge, now a footbridge at the Northern end of Taylor Street, a footbridge near the Crescent, the Crescent, a road to harold park, another footbridge and the former federal road bridge (now also a footbridge).

Cyclist, Large Fig tree and Concrete AqueductThe first reinforced concrete structure to be built in Australia, the Johnston and White's Creek Aqueducts, carry sewerage over these creeks.

Johnston's Creek formed the boundary between the properties of Rum Rebellion protagonists George Johnston's and William Bligh...more

With a 1995, change in suburb boundaries, to expand Annandale to Mallet Street, Johnston's Creek now flows through modern Annandale!

Orphans School creek flows from the cricket ground in Sydney University into Johnston's Creek. Along with Johnston's Creek, it provided the south eastern boundary of the Toxteth Estate. This estate was subdivided as Forest Lodge around 1907.

The lillie culvert flows from Harold Park into Johnston's Creek.

There are parklands along Johnston's Creek and the channel is covered between Chester Street and Albion Lane. There are playgrounds along the creek at both the Northern and Southern ends of Taylor Street.

The Southern part of Taylor Street has been landscaped with swales and gardens...more

Between the Northern end of Taylor Street and the Crescent there is an actively lit, shared cycle and footpath...more

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Disappointingly the NSW Government has scrapped the traditional multi-modal NYE public transport ticket.

Trip Planner at

More about Train Bus and Ferry services and ticketing for the big night at...
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Phase 2 of consultation for the City of Sydney Master Plan for the Parklands adjoining Johnstons Creek between Wigram Road, the Crescent and Rozelle Bay, is open for comment until mid-January 2013.

A space for everyone - appropriate for all ages, flexible spaces, diversity of use, distinct spaces for active and passive recreation. A parkland for changing demographics. A well maintained and carefully managed park
A place which responds to its natural environment - enhances natural greenery, natural habitat for fauna, cliffs, waterways, connection to water. A cultural place - local history, public art, heritage interpretation, opportunity for community/cultural activities...

A Strategy document ( (2.2MB)) outlining opportunities provided by the site and responding to the community input( summary 5.5MB) and is open for comment until 14 January 2013.

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The high maintenance and electricity cost of operating the fountain lead to its closure in 1999. In refurbishing the fountain, the Newcastle City Council tested then implemented a "Sun Tracer" photovoltaic panel to power the fountain....
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A bit of post Christmas home maintenance and a visit to the Hardware store revealed an increasing range of LED lamps including finally some models from Phillips.

The long life LED option was particularly attractive for the fiddly Fan/Light fittings ..
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The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that investments of $15 to $65 annually returned benefits of $30 to $90 per tree to City Councils, by cooling cities....