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Just came across the NSW Transport Planner widget and added it to my webpage

"You can link to the Trip Planner using either an integrated search box or with a standard banner. Please choose from the designs below...."
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1911 Building Regs for Annandale

16 points squeezed into a couple of pages include window ratios, access to street, skirting boards, ventilation and sanitation etc...hopefully we haven't gone backwards
in our building code/LEP/DCP.

The 1911 regulations can be viewed via

Extension of Annandale to incorporate pocket of Camperdown

Given history of area, reverse 1995 change of name from Camperdown to Annandale for area East of Johnston's Creek, between Booth Street, Mallet St and Parramatta Road.

Note there are heritage items in this area - which are listed in the Leichhardt/Camperdown inventory instead of the Annandale Inventory. Businesses in the area identify themselves as Camperdown. There is also a street numbering complication with Booth and Chester Streets.

Item missing from LEP

Railway Bridge over Johnston Street is missing from Annandale Inventory.
See Railway Bridge at


Guttering, Fencing, setbacks and trees need to be incorporated into LEP

Pedestrian amenity (shade and no obstructions) need to be incorporated into LEP.

Items such as the fencing at 95-97 Johnston Street need to be recorded.
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124th Anniversary Service featuring the Song Company
in the Inner West's Landmark Sandstone Church
3pm 24 February 2013

Exhibition Opening Wed 27 Feb 6:30 - 9:00pm

Annandale Neighbourhood Centre Program Term 1, 2013

Save the Annandale Hotel

Comment on our Local Environment Plan before 28 February

Check out Leichhardt Council's Climate Change Action Plan before 1 March

Next precinct Meeting 4 March, Annandale Neighbourhood Centre

300 Johnston Street - Public Meeting 6pm Wed 6 March 2013 Annandale
Neighbourhood Centre

Marghanita da Cruz
Editor Annandale on the Web
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man in top hat looking at Toulouse Latrec Poster

Patrons were treated to an extensive collection of works in the Toulouse-Lautrec Exhibition at the National Gallery and then a performance in the Sculpture Garden, which was transformed into a Burlesque Salon filled with the artist of Montemartre in Belle Epoch Paris...
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Bonsai or Penjing

The most mature trees at the Arboretum were the Bonsai or Penjing. There were stunning examples of Australian Plants including Moreton Bay and Port Jackson (shown) Figs, Banksias, Eucalypts, Bottlebrushes and Melaleucas.

More at :

More about the 2003 Canberra bushfires at
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report formThis illustration was in the State NSW Records Railway files - it appears to be a satirical illustration, possibly in the lead up to the approval of construction of the White Bay Power Station Sydney and electrification of the Sydney Rail and Tram Network.

The Ultimo Power Station had reached its limits at the Glebe Island Bridge...Gladesville, Drummoyne (Iron Cove) and Glebe Island Tram Swing Bridges