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Community Consultation, Booth Street Main Street Masterplan

The proposal to develop a masterplan for Booth Street from Moore Street Bridge over White's Creek to Alexandra(Camperdown) street [should probably be extended to Pyrmont Bridge Road] was presented to residents at a meeting at the Annandale Neighbourhood Centre (back hall) on Thursday 27 June 2013.

Residents were invited to make submissions to Council.

Ideas and Issues raised at the meeting
Placemaking, history, walks, more frequent emptying of Bins, Paving, Taylor Street Crossings, Bicycle and Pedestrian safety at Wigram Road roundabout, Truck Deliveries Supermarket 4-8 Booth Street, Red Light Camera at Johnston Street, Headlight parking, Right turn arrows Booth to Johnston Street, Traffic Cushions, Double Parking at Johnston Street Shops, improving amenity of Bus Passengers and Pedestrians, prams, wheelchairs by removing bus shelters near bus stops at Johnston Street.
Booth Street, Annandale in the rain
, more bike racks, new seating areas/pocket parks and "rain gardens and leaky wells improve water absorption into soils."

Booth Street is the business heart of Annandale.

The 2012 introduction of pedestrian crossings at Annandale Street and Trafalgar street have significantly improved pedestrian amenity.The associated 40km zones have improved pedestrian and driver safety.

Key features of Booth Street

Bus services
470 Central Railway, CBD and Circular Quay
370 Universities & Coogee Beach, Leichhardt, Glebe, Newtown

Bank, Church, Pub, Medical Services, Cafes, residential, food, garden centre, real estate, lock smiths, cleaners warehouse, childcare, hardware

Post office
The post office took residents 10 years of lobbying in 1890s More at

Opportunities for improvement

1.Remove bus shelters and advertising both sides of Johnston Street.

2.Renew paving/footpath surfaces and ramp kerbing

3. Ease traffic congestion in Booth Street (improve bus services) possibly by limiting right hand turn into booth from Johnston during peak hours.

4. Provide seating at bus stops under awnings.

5. Clear footpath access

6. Enhance heritage aspects and declutter

7. Improve shading between Trafalgar and Nelson Street shops

Pedestrian Safety compromised by Bus Shelters/Advertising on Booth Street
STA Bus at Bus Stop in Annandale

Bus Shelters not used in rain (28 June 2013)

Historic Tram Shelter (the Crescent Annandale)

Tram at St Aidan's Booth Street circa 1957
Tram at North Annandale Hotel 1955,_Annandale,_NSW_1955.jpg

Introduce an Art Plinth
LANE COVE GALLERY PUBLIC ART - Outdoor Sculpture Plinth

Maybe introduce Swings

Montreal's Musical Swings

Have Your Say

Community members can provide comments and suggestions about the future of Booth Street by completing the feedback form by close of business on Friday 12 July 2013.

More including Feedback form at:
Leichhardt Municipality LEP

Amendments to Draft Local Environmental Plan 2013 (on Exhibition until 31st July 2013)

Leichhardt Municipality Draft DCP (on exhibition to 31 July 2013
Leichhardt Council has prepared a Draft Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 and it is on public exhibition from Monday 24th June 2013 until Wednesday 31st July 2013.

The draft document needs a bit of work. Here are my initial thoughts.

The area between Johnston's Creek, Mallet Street, Parramatta Road and Booth street is now the Camperdown distinctive neighbourhood within Annandale. See history of boundary of Annandale.

The Urban Framework Plan (A2.2) still shows the Norton Plaza Post Office and the one next to the Town hall as former - the one near the town hall has been reopened as a Post Office and Norton Plaza one is closed. The labels identifying the Annandale Town Hall (should read former council chambers or Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, p97), Uniting Church and Hunter Baillie are incorrect.

The DCP refer to the Sydney Water Viaduct instead of Aqueducts.Haven't checked references to Rail Viaduct.

The User Guide should formalise PRE-DAs

Pg 153 refers to IN2 (Light Industrial Area) and Open Space along Johnston's Creek - need to check LEP to find these areas.

Pg 5 D Seek Plant Species advice from your local nursery - as far as I know the only nurseries in the municipality are both in Annandale - the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery and the Annandale Garden Centre, Booth Street. It would be good if we had a species list.
O3 (Pg 5) Should read Native Flora and Fauna (though I prefer Local Provenance)

C5 Food should include storage, jam making, bottling, drying if they are going to talk about food supply - not sure whether straw bales for mulch, animal manure in community gardens are counted in food miles. It is ofcourse ironic for Australia, as a food exporter, to talk about food miles.

233/233A Johnston Street is in the DCP but the section doesn't have page numbers it is in the table of contents at Pg 55.

Smith, Hogan and Spindlers park gets a special mention though I am not sure whether it includes 77 Taylor Street or not. Perhaps we need similar for Taylor Street South/Johnston's Creek (forgot to check)

Need to Check on Transport (both public and personal/private)
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We need to get rid of the Private Cars and Taxis blocking George Street Buses during peak hour
bus shelter obstructing passengers

Travelling into the Sydney yesterday was a pleasant surprise.

Crossed at the Booth Street lights in time to make hop on the departing 470 bus at 8.11am.

The bus stopped picking up passengers at Ross Street - but we continued along the tortuous route through Glebe rather than onto Parramatta Road's Bus Lane.

At the Sydney Town Hall, the bus had to negotiate private vehicles in the left hand lane and the disappearance of the bus lane, before the usual congestion at the Queen Victoria Building.

I did alight almost at the Wynyard Stop at 8.41am.

Returning home at 6pm was a different story. The 470 couldn't get to the bus stop because of empty taxis in the lane. Buses were also banked up beyond the Wynyard stop.

There is only one bus lane into and out of the city at Wynyard and the private cars and taxis clog that.

As George Street widens there is still only one bus lane but the traffic seemed to flow a little better.

George Street needs to be reserved for buses only during peak hours especially at the end of a long day at work.

The return journey to Annandale took an hour. The bendy bus wasn't full and was overtaken by an ordinary bus.

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Stage 1 of Fast Train between Melbourne and Brisbane

View Canberra Airport to Newcastle Fast Train in a larger map

Population of Canberra
Canberra is estimated to have just 390,100 persons by 2019

Population of Newcastle
The greater Newcastle area (including Maitland, Raymond Terrace, northern Lake Macquarie) is the seventh largest city in Australia with a population over 400,000.

Distribution of Population in Sydney

Western Sydney is home to just over 1 in 11 Australians.

At June 2011 the regional resident population was an estimated 2.02 million people an increase of 1.6% (31,350 people) over the previous year. This was above the NSW average 1.1% growth rate.


At June 2011:

  • the estimated resident population of New South Wales (NSW) reached 7.30 million people, representing around one-third of Australia's population

  • the centre of population of Sydney SD was just north of Parramatta River, in the suburb of Ermington

  • the population of Sydney SD reached 4.63 million


Sydney Airport
Sydney Airport is one of the oldest continuously operated airports in the world. It is the busiest airport in Australia, handling 36 million passengers in 2010 and 289,741 aircraft movements in 2009. Over 1million passengers fly between Canberra and Sydney each year.

Stage 1 of Melbourne to Brisbane Fast Train

Canberra Airport and Newcastle East, via Parramatta Station

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Call for entries in Eco-Annandale 2013
at Footprints EcoFestival on Sunday 25 August 2013

Call for applications from Stall Holders @Footprints EcoFestival

Save the Glebe Island Bridge and turn it into a pedestrian and Cycle way
Support its state heritage listing by 12 June

NSW Planning System Forums

Myriad of Activities at the Neighbourhood Centre
Marghanita da Cruz
Annandale on the Web
Ramin Communications Pty Ltd

German four-masted barque GUSTAV passing through Glebe Island Bridge Flickr: Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons' Photostream,
Addendum 5 Nov 2013: The Gustav is a large sailing vessel, being of 2691 tons. Her masts are 163ft from the deck to the truck and the mainyards are 98ft in length...1926 'GERMAN BARQUE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 20 December, p. 12, viewed 5 November, 2013,

The Glebe Island Bridge is one of the earliest examples of an electrical powered bridge of its type in the world.

When assessed against all the criteria for significance as an Heritage Item of NSW, it clearly fits them all.

a) Historical Significance

An international competition to design the bridge 1891 with final decision made in 1897. Engineer Percy Allan, with his assistant E M. De Burgh--along with Messrs Roberts, Dare and Bradfield--then designed the Glebe Is Br with its electrically operated swing span. The names of those involved are also of historic significance in the history of Sydney's bridge building.

The significance of its design, construction, and the duration of its function over nearly 100 years (with the great changes in modes of transport and huge increases in volumes of vehicles) is of considerable historic significance. in fact, it could still be functioning today, but was replaced in 1995 by the Anzac Br..

b) Associative Significance

All engineers referred to under "Historical" above--Allan, Bradfield, De Burgh--and were part of the then NSW Dept of Public Works which itself was of historic significance.

c) Aesthetic Significance

The physical appearance of the bridge as it spans across the bayeffectively joining the CBD with Balmain and the suburbs beyond, is impressive.
Its innovative design and construction were a significant technological achievement for the era in which it was built.

Innovations included--the size of the opening span
the speed with which it opened the development of steel trusses caisson construction design of the swing span bearing use of electric power in operating the span

d) Social Significance

It has a history of use for 100 year period, and can again become a functioning piece of Sydney's history, as a pedestrian and cycle way again joining the CBD with balmain and suburbs beyond.

e) Research Potential

As it is virtually in its original condition, and can still function then it would havee researchvalue in its desgn, construction and materials used as well as in its technology.

f) Rarity

It is one of only two suchelectrically operated swing span bridges in Australia. Its rare and still operable Mercury-arc Rectifier and some early silicon rectifiers--all of which are generally seen only in a museum, add to its "rarity" significance.

g) Representativeness

Glebe Island Bridge has State significance based on its structural and technical features as a swing span bridge. Such bridges were constructed as a more economic solution to bridging across navigable waterways than was a high level bridge.

As such this bridge had an economic impact on the development of Sydney and thus the rest of NSW.
As mentioned earlier it also demonstrates the use of steel components for an Allan Truss and as such is a representative example.

In summary, I am of the belief that the Glebe Island Bridge satisfies the requirements under the criteria stated in the State Heritage Register, to be given a State Heritage Item classification.
I support all that is cotained in the NSW Environment and Heritage Assessment report.

The Glebe Island Bridge can also be a fantastic functioning item once again for the purpose of use by pedestrians, cycles and similar modes of non-fuel driven transport. An heritage item that again joins the CBD direct to Glebe Island, Balmain and beyond.

Gretchen Gamble, Annandale

Save the Glebe Island Bridge and turn it into a pedestrian and Cycle way
Support its state heritage listing by 12 June