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Print on Demand: The new Publishing Paradigm.

Annandale Author Marghanita da Cruz is publishing a series of Short Walk Books: 1890s Annandale, Federation Annandale and Annandale's Great War.

Marghanita has been gathering an Anecdotal History of Annandale since 1998.

This lead to Marghanita designing and guiding walks around Annandale. In 2011, Marghanita guided 1890s Annandale a Short Walk, for a group from the National Trust. This was well received and it encouraged Marghanita to publish it in book form. Since then Marghanita has guided and published Federation Annandale (1900-1910) and Annandale's Great War (1910-1920).

In 2014, Marghanita plans to guide 1920s Annandale before producing a book of that short walk.

More about Marghanita's four short walk paperbackE-Books & Paperbacks

More about the technical side Formatting e-books and Paperbacks

Survey of Online Heritage and History Resources

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Print on Demand Bookmaking Workshop
Ever wanted to learn how to produce your own book?
Join this skill share workshop to learn how.
When: 10am-11am Thursday 12 September 2013
Where: Leichhardt Pop In Space - 124 Marion Street, in Leichhardt.
Cost: Free
Bookings Required: Telephone: 9367-9379 or click here

This talk was during History Week 2013, Leave a comment at Leichhardt Library's Local History Blog.

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Jimmy Goon, a Chinese, of 80 years of age, who resides in Little Bourke st., Melbourne, was the other night, walking along that delectable thoroughfare when he saw an aborigine streteched full length in the gutter. Bending over him. Good said. No good you sleep here, velly much cold and sought to raise the fallen brother. The latter came to life very suddenly and smote the good Samaritan on the nose with such violence as to cause him to see a multitude of stars. Whereupon Goon gave his assailant in charge, and later Douglas Grant, which good Scottish name the aboriginal bears, was locked up for assaulting Goon.
1925 'GOOD SAMARITAN'S LUCK.', Geraldton Guardian (WA : 1906 - 1928), 13 October, p. 1, viewed 28 August, 2013,

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No Sentiment There.

There is apparently no sentiment at the Small Arms Factory at Lithgow. Among the latest to receive notice of dismissal is Douglas Grant, the only colored employee there, and the only Australian aboriginal sergeant in the A.I.F.. Young Grant is a Lithgow boy, reared from boyhood by Mr Robert Grant. He i3 an ex pert draughtsman, well educated, and talks the best of English, except that when excited he lapses into the broadest Scots. This is practically hie native tongue, seeing that his foster-parents came from Scotland, and that theirs was the first language he understood. In France he was taken prisoner by the Germans, and was placed with the Ghurkas until his representations that 'he did not belong' were effective. He returned to Australia in poor health, secured work at the factory, and has now got the sack, together with 12 other Diggers

1921 'No Sentiment There.', Mullumbimby Star (NSW : 1906 - 1936), 29 September, p. 4, viewed 28 August, 2013,

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Hunter-Baillie v. Leichhardt Avondales, on former's wicket, Leichhardt Hill. Watson, Allan (2), M'Lean, Stuart, Murdoch, Busby, Robertson, Thorby (2), Ma thers, Johnson (12), Grant (13), Roy (14).

1899 'CRICKET.', Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), 10 November, p. 2, viewed 28 August, 2013,

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Annandale Superior Public School.
The annual distribution of the girl's main room in the presence of a large gathering of parents and friends of the scholars, the large hall being crowded.
The gathering was presided over by the Mayor of Annandale (Alderman Allan taylor), and amongst those present were Aldermen IR Cohen, Brads, Smith , WJ Bull, Rev F Reeve, Mrs Allan Taylor (Mayoress) and others. Apologies were received from Mr WH Mahony MLA and Aldermen Horton and Ferris.
An interesting program, which was received with frequent applause, was rendered by the scholars, as follows: Tipe Straberries, Up the Hill, Waltz Song, Skipping, Swinging Song, Farewell Song, Erin, Laughing Song, Soldiers of the Queen, and the NAtion Anthem. A two-act drama was acted by several of the scholars, entitled "Gaffer Grey's Legacy," the various characters being well sustained.
Mr Watt, the headmaster of the school, reported that the prewsent quarter's return showed the number of names on the roll, to be 1188, with a weekly average ettendance of over 1000, and a daily average of over 900. At the recent examinations over 90 percen of the scholars satisfied the requirements of the department with regard to attendance. In connection with the school a very flourishing swimming club, as well as a cricket club existed. The prizes to be distributed were contributed by the Mary, and Alderment Bull, Broad, Cohen, Smith and the Rev F Reeve.
Short addresses were delivered by a number of gentlement present, special tribute being pade the teaching staff - Mr Watt (Headmaster), Miss Fraser (girls), and Miss Tiddman (infants). Over 200 prizes were distributed, the presentations being made by the Mayoress, chief amongst which were :-
Fifth Class (boys) C Brown (dux), G Hatton, S Very, C Smith R Brown, D White, W Baxter, H Condiman, J Clarke, W Evans. Specials: S. Cruise and D. Grant. ...Fourth Class (A).W, Gamble.. Fourth Class (B)... Fourth Class (Girls)....
1899 'ANNANDALE SUPERIOR PUBLIC SCHOOL.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 15 December, p. 10, viewed 28 August, 2013,
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The Master Plan envisages a series of high quality, complementary parkland spaces,
building on the existing and well-loved foreshore parks. The Master Plan provides a
clear direction for the use and configuration of the new parkland, and strategies to link
the parks together to create a continuous 19 hectares of parkland.

Federal Park detail of Johnston's Creek Parklands

Johnston Creek Parklands Masterplan to go to City of Sydney Environment Committee 2pm 19 August 2013 with a view to recommendation to full council. Item 8 on Agenda

However, the detail of the plan for Federal Park is sadly inconsistent with this. There is a major road that dissects the park and breaks the continuous shared footpath and cycleway that follows the creek from Wigram Road to its mouth at Rozelle Bay.

The plan and amenity of the parklands (cricket pitch) would be significantly improved by eliminating the roadway across Johnston's Creek.

And if necessary providing limited vehicle access from the Roundabout to the Crescent just East of the Creek/Canal.

Annandale Residents have fought for this parkland for over a century. See history at

06/08: Federal Park, Annandale (though sometimes identified as Glebe)
16/08: Rozelle Tramsheds need a Low Carbon 21st Century Design

Harold Park Tramshed Development - Have your Say
6.30-7.30pm Monday 19 August 2013
Glebe Town Hall, 160 St Johns Road
RSVP for catering purposes: Telephone: 96607586

Johnston Creek Parklands Masterplan to go to City of Sydney Environment
Committee 2pm 19 August 2013 with a view to recommendation to full council.
Item 8 on Agenda

Check out Eco-Annandale 2013 @ the Footprints ecoFestival
11-3pm Sunday 25 August 2013, Whites Creek Valley
Map and Catalog at

Footrprints Festival also features
* giveaways and park planting by Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery
* Pedal Powered Fooprints Film Festival
* Bush Tucker and other Sustainable food stalls
* Visit community vegie garden and opening of extension
* Clothes swap * C!AO Fashion Parade * Children's entertainment

Marghanita da Cruz
Editor Annandale on the Web
Ramin Communications Pty Ltd

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Supermarket will benefit from Light Rail for Customers
The proposed Supermarket in the former Rozelle Tram Sheds at Jubilee Park stop on the Light Rail, will deliver customers from Pyrmont to Dulwich hill.

Northern entrance to Paddys Market Sydney with TramBus Access to Tramsheds Commercial area and Harold Park Residences

However, its potential to draw on customers along the 433 route along the Crescent, has not been considered. The design should provide for a detour by the 433 and 370 buses to take in the tram sheds.

The design of this new shopping and restaurant precinct should move its focus from Cars to Pedestrians and Public Transport.

Take home shopping trolleys would be attractive to residents within the new Harold Park residences as well as those travelling by bus and light rail.

The scale of the supermarket is a high risk approach. Smaller scale retail outlets will provide flexibility, diversity, competition, business and employment opportunities.

King Street, Newtown demonstrates the benefits of Theatre (both live - film) as well as bookshops interspersed within food outlets.

Pedestrian/Public Transport friendly Paddys Markets at Central is also thriving in stark comparison to the commerical and residential development at Birkenhead.

scooterThe solid early 20th century Tram Sheds deserve a 21st Century design integrating into the surrounding foreshore parklands,

Car parking should be limited to Accessible spaces. The external car park should be eliminated. Foreshore land is too valuable to be wasted on cars.

The bridges across Johnston's creek should be pedestrian only. The intersection at Nelson Street and the Crescent should not be upgraded.

Annandale Streetscape - Tom WorthingtonProvision should be made for parking scooters, motorbikes, bicycles and mobility vehicles.

Wheelchair, Pram and Aging (walking sticks and frame assisted) Pedestrian access through parklands should be improved.

Bus Access to site (currently 370 and 433) should be enhanced with stop within site.

Freight Trams
Amsterdam has launched a trial for distributing goods by tram to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in the inner city. The initiative for the pilot project came from a private company called CityCargo Amsterdam BV. A freight tram will run through the city centre during a four week pilot phase. Aim is to improve the distribution of goods in the city centre. CityCargo Amsterdam BV may apply the concept in other cities in due course if the Amsterdam pilot project is successful.

History of Tramsheds, Harold Park and Rozelle Bay

Johnston Creek Parklands Masterplan to go to City of Sydney Environment Committee 2pm 19 August 2013 with a view to recommendation to full council. Item 8 on Agenda

Harold Park Tramshed Development Meeting & Petition
6.30-7.30pm Monday 19 August 2013
Glebe Town Hall, 160 St Johns Road
more at:

wind turbineSubmissions on Transhed Proposal Close 21 August 2013
City of Sydney (D/2013/883): Adaptive re-use, and alterations to, the heritage listed Rozelle Tram Depot for community, retail and commercial uses including a supermarket, restauraunts (unlicenced) and gym serviced by 146 car parking spaces and 65 bicycle spaces. Proposed hours of operation are 6.00am to 12 midnight, seven days a week. Associated works inlcude a pedestrian link to Maxwell Road, a signalised intersection at Nelson St and the Crescent, works to the Johnstons Creek Bridge as well as associated landscaping and heritage interpretation works

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3.3 Parking

  • 76 Internal car space in northern part of Tram Shed & Trolley Bays

  • 70 external car spaces(4 Accessible, 3 car share, 2 service)

  • Location of 12 motorcycle and 50 bicycle not identified

map of urban area showing subject areasHarold Park Site
3.11 Pedestrian Access
Link from Maxwell Road and Jubilee Park Light Rail Station.

3.4 Supermarket & 3.5 Tenancies

  • Supermarket (fresh produce, groceries, bakery, seafood, deli, meat, frozn goods, dairy, flowers, magazines, service desk, staff room and toilets, managers, systems & cashiers office, cool rooms and prep areas, plant room and loading dock

  • approximately 11 retail food tenancies

  • approx 6 general retail tenancies

  • approx 1 coffee shop

  • approx four restaurants

  • one gym


More about Harold Park at

Public Comment on Proposal closes 21 August 2013

Sign Petition:

Meeting: Harold Park Tramshed Development - Have your Say
6.30-7.30pm Monday 19 August 2013
Glebe Town Hall, 160 St Johns Road
RSVP for catering purposes:
Telephone: 96607586
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null20130810-filming-hope-hb-annandale-10aug2013-photo-0049.jpg Photographs Marghanita da Cruz 10 August 2013
An all Sydney Crew gather at the Hunter Baillie Church in Annandale to film Hope directed by Roya Pakzad. The plan is to enter the film into Tropfest.

Leaving aside the environmental and social benefits of improving the rail link between Canberra - Sydney - Newcastle, the Phase 2 report into a High Speed Train in South East Australia found that "Of all the segments, Sydney-Canberra performs best on a stand-alone basis, but none of the segments would generate satisfactory economic returns as stand-alone lines."

Sydney-Canberra: 5.6million passengers EIRR 3.8% EBCR 0.9

Newcastle-Sydney: 4.2million passengers EIRR 1.3% EBCR: 0.4

EIRR(economic internal rate of return)
EBCR(the economic benefit-cost ratio)

Source: Table 6-1 Analysis of segment performance, Staged delivery, High speed rail study phase 2 report on 11 April 2013

Only $12billion to improve rail link between Sydney and Newcastle or $22.2billion to improve rail link between Canberra and Sydney as a Pilot. Source: Table 6-6 Cost and demand build up between Brisbane and Melbourne with preferred staging to 2065 Staged delivery, High speed rail study phase 2 report on 11 April 2013

Greens-Labor Agreement, 1st September 2010
"agreeing that an implementation study for High Speed Rail should be completed by July 2011;"

More about High Speed Rail

West Connex Road Link: "The high-level target capital expenditure estimate for WestConnex, including property acquisition
and construction is approximately $10 billion ($2012), assuming an optimised design configuration
and a procurement and delivery approach that learns from the best of international experience.
Should WestConnex be adopted by the NSW Government, further work is required to refine this

Local experience with tunnels in Sydney

Cross City Tunnel (Inquiry): This inquiry is a completed Parliamentary inquiry conducted by the Cross City Tunnel Committee. In accordance with the resolutions establishing the Joint Select Committee, the Committee's first meeting took place on Thursday 1 December 2005. The Committee tabled its first report on 28 February 2006, and the second report on 19 May 2006. The Committee's inquiry was extended to include the Lane Cove Tunnel by resolution of the Legislative Council on 4 April 2006 and by resolution of the Legislative Assembly on 6 April 2006. The Committee reported on the Lane Cove Tunnel on 23 August 2006.

The State Government has committed to a massive road proposal from Infrastructure NSW. It involves building 33 km of road, extending and widening both the M5 and the M4 and providing a link between them, via a long tunnel under the inner west of Sydney. So far, costs are expected to be $10-15 billion over at least a decade.

50 was allocated by the Minister for Lands for the improvement of Federal Park and a landscape gardener was at the disposal of the trustees of the park. (Evening News, February, 1901

At Monday night's meeting of the Annandale Council a report was furnished from the joint trust of Annandale and Glebe Aldermen with reference to the Federal Park, which was dedicated as a recrea- tion reserve for the residences of the two boroughs. (SMH March 1902)

100 promised for improvements to the park. (SMH, April 1902,

Issue of Joint Trust referred to Glebe Council General Purposes Committee (SMH, Sep 1905,

Tree Planting in Federal Park (SMH, October 1908,

The third round of the Women's Cricket Association's grade games will commence on Saturday... Annandale Waratahs I. v Cheerio, at Hogan Park. Annandale: Oldfleld...Annandale-Lelchhardt v Balmain. Federal Park.Annandale: Annandale Waratahs II. v Southern Stars. Allen's Reserve. Annandale; (SMH Nov 1935)

More about Federal Park at

DA: Tram Sheds, Glebe includes a signalised intersection at Nelson St and the Crescent, works to the Johnsons Creek Bridge as well as associated landscaping and heritage interpretation works....Exhibition Closes: 21/08/2013
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people in Bushpeople in Bushpeople in Bushpeople in Bushpeople in Bush

Volunteers from the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery and the Callan Park Bush Care group, gathered proudly at their bush regeneration site in Callan Park.

Local Member for the seat of Balmain, Jamie Parker was on hand to do the honours.

Everyone enjoyed one of Leichhardt Council's legendary sausage sizzles afterwards. Extended Video of Opening

Take a walk or Get Involved

Walk & Explore
Location of Bush Track on

Callan Park Bushcare
Meets: every Friday from 9am to 1pm, and the first Sunday of the month from 9.30am to 12noon above where the Bay Run meets King George Oval.Contact: Doug Anderson 9367-9326, 0408-211362,