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Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk by Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Annandale War Memorial
I just saw the term indie-hybrid for the first time.

In the brave new world, a cover is important to an indie-hybrid book.

But as you want to reach people searhing the internet, robot indexed text is vital.

We see what we recognise so, on a screen it might be a word or an image. So, a cover may help clinch the deal, though a preview such as on itunes, is probably also useful.

For example view Annandale's Great War on itunes at

PDFs are not eBooks. PDF is a print format - eBooks should be in ePub format. More about formatting eBooks at

Lulu does a good job on Print on Demand (POD). Prices and cost of delivery varying on quantity but you can buy one or more books at a time. They also handle online sales and as mentioned previously, distribution through Amazon.

At one of my talk, an attendee examined the binding of Lulu's US Trade format and commented that the quality was exceptional.

Lulu does offer all the other services, editing, design layout or you can source these independently.

I prefer the term Niche to Vanity. I also think eBooks and Print on Demand are the future for the physical book and eBooks have some way to go, integrating video, audio and human interaction bearing little resemblance to a "book".

More at 30/08: How I publish my Short Walk Books

What will the book distribution channels of the future be?

Will we see books integrated into lifestyle stores? eg Cooking books and cook ware Adventure ware and books Cafes and History/Politics?
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concrete curbing with breaks surrounding a planting of sedges and a treeIt is great to see Swales being integrated into the urban street scape. Swales trap runnoff allowing it to soak in and replenish ground water levels. This is vital, to the survival of cooling trees, in heavily built up areas, where the surface of most of the land is impervious to water.

Street Swales have popped up in Constitution Avenue, in Canberra.

Sedges in Swale, Constitution Avenue Canberra

Water Sensitive Design in Annandale Streets (18 December 2013).

Modified Kerb blisters reduce runoff and replenish ground water. See street plants thriving due to water sensitive design in Taylor Street (South). New modified Kerb blisters have been installed at the intersection of Annandale Street and Piper Street. The modified design channels water from gutter into the blister...more

Kerb Blister with water channelWater Sensitive Kerb Blister
Crossing, Annandale Street at Piper Street Annandale
Photograph Ted Floyd, 18 December 2013
WEST CONNEX Combined Precincts Meeting
79pm on Monday 3rd February 2014
Leichhardt Town Hall (corner of Norton and Marion Sts)

Annandale War Memorial, with Flame Lamps

Join the Governor for 125th Anniversary service at
the Hunter Baillie Church
3pm on Sunday 23 February 2014 (Please be seated by 2.45pm)

Share your favourite bit of Annandale Heritage at the
Annandale Hot Spots Exhibition on Sunday 13 April 2014
Marghanita da Cruz
Annandale on the Web

F.Liebentritt & Sons Clay Wall Vent Catalog
At the entrance to Chullora Marketplace there is interpretive signage about Leibentritt's patent liquid fuel boiler.

In 1857, Paul Liebentritt travelled with his wife and four sons from Germany to Australia.

Liebentritt started a small pottery virtually opposite the Lion Tile Works on the Liverpool Road (Hume Highway) near Enfield.

In 1863 he purchased approximately 30 acres and established Cumberland Pottery and Tile Works. The area was known as "Barks Hut Estate", later "Druitt Town", then "near Enfield" and today Chullora.

Read more: Liebentritt/ Cumberland Pottery & Tile Works archive (Powerhouse Museum, viewed 27 January 2014

18/01: Black Diggers

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Last night, the world premiere of Tom Wright's Black Diggers previewed at the Drama Theatre of the Sydney Opera House.

Wesley Enoch, who directs the play, came on stage to introduce the performance and let the audience know that their reaction to the drama was being closely observed.

The program references South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation commission's four types of truth.

With overtones of Mother Courage, which features in the Curriculum Vitaes of the director and two of the actors, the bleak single set is "repainted" by the actors, between Acts!

The drama is a series of vignettes, drawing on the lives of real indigenous diggers - who like their white counterparts, set off on an adventure to see the world and serve their country.

The play captures the familiar jocularity and bravado of the young men and children setting off on an adventure.

Douglas Grant's life has inspired one of the characters, whose life, from cradle to grave, is depicted in several scenes.

The play covers the men enlisting, and the assessment of the "europeaness". When conscription comes in, they take everyone. In the army and trenches life is different.

The men who survive the trenches come home, some are traumatised, some do well. Indigenous diggers and their white mates are in for a shock - while their services were accepted, a "White Australia" isn't about to grant them any rights.

Paraphrasing Enoch, Black Diggers will preview for a week or so, at the Sydney Festival, before its season in Queensland.

"Their stories are told by Indigenous actors and one Vietnam war veteran, George Bostock" -more (Transcript from World News Australia Radio)

Black Diggers runs to 26 January 2014 at the Drama Theatre,. Sydney Opera House.

More about Douglas Grant

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Paris Floyd in her renew leichhardt store at the Italian Forum 10 Jan 2014

Paris Floyd and Mia Ouzas have opened stores on the mezanine level of the Italian Forum, with the support of the Renew Leichhardt Program.

PARIS FLOYD is where your hopes, dreams and fantasy starts...

Specialising in Bridal lingerie, there are also home wares and a library of books and magazines to peruse or buy. Choose from a range of fabrics, lace and trims to create your own design in the Paris Floyd Workroom.

Chris, May and Mia in Mia O Designs renew Leichhardt Store at the Italian Forum
Friend Paris Floyd on Facebook

Mia O Designs offers Contemporary Jewelry and Objects in the Studio/Store.

Mia has set up her work bench as a centre-piece in the store, to work on her handmade jewelery and objects that are inspired from organic forms.

Mia O Designs Gallery also offers work by six other artists.

Paris and Mia's Swap Meet - Italian Forum January 10, 2014
Friend Mia O Designs on Facebook

Paris and Mia's Swap Meet - Italian Forum January 10, 2014

Paris and Mia's Swap Meet - Italian Forum January 10, 2014

Swap Feast Event Friday 10th Jan @ Shop 10/23 Norton St Leichhardt Italian Forum. 6-8pm. Bring your wear & tear items/new and swap with others.

Paris and Mia's Swap Meet - Italian Forum January 10, 2014

Renew Leichhardt is a program that aims to activate currently underutilised spaces in Leichhardt by finding short-term uses by creative enterprises and independent local initiatives. ...more
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Full Fluoro Bin at Customs House on 3 January 2014
The City of Sydney has set up much needed Battery, mobile phone and Fluoro light bulb Recycling Collection Stations at Neighbourhood Centres and Libraries...more

Reflecting the pent up demand for such a service, on Friday 3 January, the Fluorescent Globes recycling bin, at Customs House was full!

Clearly logistics is still the challenge in converting E-Waste to Resources

NSW government $485m waste initiative
The NSW Environmental Trust and the NSW EPA are calling for applications to the Improved Systems for Household Problem Wastes - community Recycling Centres. Applications open 7 November 2013 and close on Monday, 3 February 2014... more

@cityofsydney Reflecting the pent up demand, Customs House Fluorescent Globes bin full on 3 Jan #sydney #e-waste
2:21 PM - 8 Jan 14 Marghanita da Cruz ‏@callicoma 19h

@callicoma Custom's House bins have now been emptied & battery, mobile & light bulb recycling is good to go! ^AJ
3:30 PM - 8 Jan 14 City of Sydney ‏@cityofsydney 18h

@cityofsydney deposited my fluoro lamps in Glebe Library #recycling bins yesterday - all good! #sydney
9:21 AM - 9 Jan 14 Marghanita da Cruz ‏@callicoma 28s

Awesome! RT @callicoma: @cityofsydney deposited my fluoro lamps in Glebe Library #recycling bins - all good! ^AJ
4:15 PM - 8 Jan 14 City of Sydney ‏@cityofsydney

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