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A Free Guided Walk of Annandale's War Memorials
10am - 12noon Thursday 24 April

Self Guided Walk - Annandale's Great War

Anzac Song - Kipling RECESSIONAL - Lest We Forget

Annandale Craft Group starting Friday 2nd May 2014

Get Ready for Second Hand Saturday Annandale
Saturday 10 May 2014

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Zero Carbon Australia High Speed Rail proposes a network connecting the major capital cities and regional centres between Melbourne and Sydney, and later onto Brisbane. With services commencing by 2025.

A High Speed Rail Station within 50km of 60% of Australian population connecting Melbourne, Melbourne Airport, Seymour, Shepparton, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Canberra, Goulbourn, Moss Vale, Glenfield, Sydney Central, Hornsby, Central Coast, Newcastle, Taree, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Lismore, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

The estimated total cost for the HSR system, including construction, rolling stock, management and contingencies is $84 billion ($40billion Sydney-Melbourne/$44billion Sydney-Brisbane).

Sydney-Newcastle 45 minute High Speed Rail would cost just $12billion and a further $22.2billion would deliver the Canberra-Sydney link..more.

 FIGURE IX Annual costs and revenue (undiscounted 2012 dollars), and net present value. Source: from Zero Carbon Australia High Speed Rail (April 2014)  (discounted, 4% real discount rate) for HSR network. Source B

The HSR fare structure is designed to be cheaper than the equivalent average airfare for all but the longest journeys (Figure V). This is the case with many HSR networks operating internationally, and is one of the key reasons for the expected shift by passengers from air to HSR.

A total of 87 trains will be required to meet the expected demand. Sydney Central HSR platforms would see departures every 10 minutes in each direction during peak hour, with departures from Melbourne and Brisbane every 15 minutes.

Read the Full Report (13.5MB)
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Amongst the Westconnex Papers is RMS.002.002.6523 which records RMS's concern that the Airport's Master Plan "over-emphasises the role of NSW Government transport agencies in development and testing the proposed airport ground transport solutions". The Masterplan adopted by the Federal Government in February, states "The GTP was developed in consultation with the NSW Government's transport agencies, including Transport for NSW (TfNSW), NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and the Sydney Motorways Project Office (SMPO)."

Read More at:

Australian Government approved Sydney Airport’s new Master Plan 2033 on the 17th of February, 2014. (viewed 8 April 2014)

Sydney Airport rated Australia's worst large airport:"The ACCC said the airports' revenues and profit margins had increased due to continued growth in passengers, which had also helped boost what they earn from car parking." SMH, April 3, 2014

Should the O’Farrell government lower Sydney airport rail fares? Alan Davies | Feb 06, 2013: "Last year’s Federal/NSW Joint Study on airport options for Sydney estimated removal would increase the number of airport rail users by 26% in the first year and 34% in the long run. It said the benefits for travellers from doing away with the surcharge would exceed the cost to the State."

In 2013/14 the NSW Government committed around $2.7 billion of Restart NSW funds to growing and
improving the state’s road network over the next four years, with $553 million to be spent in 2013/14.
WestConnex Motorway and enabling works ($111 million to start the WestConnex Motorway and $29
million for works on existing roads in the Port Botany and Sydney Airport Precinct to support the
WestConnex Motorway 2013-2014 state budget


CBD Parking Levy.
It is resolved that:
(A) Council give in-principle support for a community event during Heritage Week to
celebrate the Glebe Island Bridge; and
(B) the Lord Mayor write to the relevant State Government agencies and encourage
them to work with the Glebe Society, other local community groups and Leichhardt
Council to make the Glebe Island Bridge temporarily accessible to the public for a
community event.
Lord Mayor
Moved by the Chair (the Lord Mayor), seconded by Councillor Kemmis –
That the Minute by the Lord Mayor be endorsed and adopted.
Carried unanimously."
- COUNCIL MINUTES, Meeting No 1550, Monday 17 March 2014, Notice No 2/1550, Notice Date 13 March 2014

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Annandale Heritage Festival
Sunday 13 April 2014

Sunday Jazz at Vinery Foods
12-3pm 6th of April 2014

Annandale Residents Precinct Meeting
7:00pm - 8:30pm, 7th April 2014

WILLIAM KENTRIDGE - So - Fims, sculpture, drawings, linocuts, lithographs
Opening Wed 9 April 6.30-9.30pm

Share the Path in Spindlers Park
4pm - 6pm 15 Apr 2014, 10 June 2014

So, how do you make WestConnex appeal to a commuter on Penrith Station?

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Traffic Impacts of Major Retail Development at Harold Park - Not too Late!

The proposed retail development at Harold Park includes hundreds of car spaces and an upgrade of roads and bridges through Annandale foreshore parkland to access them.
Express your concern with the proposal!
Turning up at the Meeting where the decision will be made:
5pm Monday 7 April 2014
Sydney Town Hall

Write to the Councillors... more
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Word cloud made with WordItOut

On March 4, NSW Government was forced to release the papers by which they arrived at the executive business case for the proposed $14billion Westconnex Motorway.

"Dr MEHREEN FARUQI [3.27 p.m.]: I seek leave to amend Private Members' Business item No. 1513 outside the Order of Precedence by inserting after paragraph (a):

(b) all correspondence, meeting diaries, meeting agendas, and meeting minutes regarding the development of the business case for the WestConnex project;

(c) any advice concerning the development of the business case for the WestConnex project;

(d) any document referring or relating to traffic forecasts, patronage estimates, routes, property acquisitions that were used to develop the business case for the WestConnex project; and ...."

The funniest paper, in the Non Privileged collection, was that the promotional material had to convince a commuter on Penrith Railway Station that construction of the Motorway was a good thing.

The identified Key Benefits of the motorway are gobsmacking, particularly like the claim of 40 minutes time saving.
The rail trip from Parramatta to the Airport according to the transport planner is 44minutes!

All 20 word clouds derived from the Non Privileged Document Index are now available at:
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The index to both the Privilege
and Non Privilege papers has been made available on the NSW Parliament Website.

Anyone is permitted to view the Non Privileged papers at the NSW Parliament.

The privileged papers can only be viewed by the MPs.

The Word Clouds are of various segments of the Non-Privileged Documents Index. Click on images or links below, to go to larger versions.

These word clouds represent about 10% of the content of the Non-privileged Index.

The index is available as a 21MB file at$FILE/Index%20-%20WestConnex%20Business%20Case.pdf

More WestCon Index Word Clouds at