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Submissions on business and private charter aircraft using Sydney Airport
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St Brendan's Fair, 10-3pm Saturday 1 November 2014
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Industrial Area in Cutting

NSW Public Funding to reboot the Financial Sector, through Property Development of Public Lands.

Last night I attended the Planning Panel Discussion on the Bays Precinct hosted by The Planning
Research Centre at the University of Sydney. [Who is offering a masters in Urbanism]. The panel
comprised Angus Dawson (Honeysuckle (2001) and Building the Education Revolution ), Kurt
Iveson, Neil Mecindoe, David Pitchford (newly appointed CEO of Urban Growth NSW), Kate Shaw and the discussion was moderated by former
minister and president of the centre, Craig Knowles.

Parramatta Road got a mention as the need to first build the tunnel (Westconnex), along with the fact that the Bays Precinct
includes a lot of water. The NSW government is broke and 100m of Open Space is dangerous,
whereas 20m of public foreshore is safe.

@urbangrowthnsw digital industries missing from … #bayswatch #sydney

@urbangrowthnsw evaded question of measures for feasibility of proposals for bays dev #bayswatch

The next election also got a mention as it falls relatively early in the initial 12month timeline for
the program. The entire "vision" could take 20 years!

There was some discussion Affordable Housing and Open Space. There were references to infrastructure
- none to transport. Honeysuckle (Newcastle) and Pyrmont were being held up as models.
Christine Le Garde's attendance at the Festival of Urbanism was highlighted, with the conclusion that
a new financial district was being proposed.

For me, this brought to mind Canary Wharf (London) and Singapore's new "financial" district at Marina Bay - though these were not mentioned. Marseille (possibly Euroméditerranée> was cited along with pre-emptive negative comments about Melbourne's Docklands, a project in Vancouver (who along with New Orleans and Sydney had a "Darling Harbour" lightweight redevelopment) and ofcourse Barangaroo. Hamburg and Berlin, which are connected by a high speed train, and Copenhagen (Climate Change Train) also got a mention.

In 2002, a group of students from the Bauhaus did a project on the area and produced a report
(available from the link in the internet archive) and published a book.

The Railway yards has obvious potential (around the Lilyfield Tramstop) - but the current speed of Tram service would not be sufficient for what is envisaged. Dulwich Hill along with Central would need major redevelopment to accommodate the interchange between trains and light rail. The location is once a public transport and freight hub(), is now just a cars bottleneck with the Western Distributer and Victoria Road converging on the ANZAC bridge.

We need to scope and cost infrastructure and endeavour to have the NSW Gov build this into any
deals and masterplans for "Growth" and intra city transport to complement affordable housing,
open space to create an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development.

Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city has 26 KPIs including
"Green Transportation - At least 90% of trips within the Eco-city should be in the form of green trips by 2020. Green trips refer to trips via non-motorised transport, i.e. cycling and walking, as well as trips on public transport." -

The Glebe Island Bridge needs to be opened to pedestrians and cyclists, to provide an active transport link into the CBD and pyrmont. 03/11: Adapting the Glebe Island Bridge would encourage more pedestrians and cyclists

From a State Heritage Perspective, the ramparts to the Glebe Island Bridge need to be unearthed.

David Lawrence named Leichhardt Council Citizen of the Year

1920s Annandale: A Short Walk now available
at Annandale Village Newsagent

8 October - 8 November 2014
Opening 6:30 - 9:00pm Wed 15 October 2014

Sunday Jazz at Vinery Foods
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