Hakea pod Eco-Annandale

Eco-Annandale 2016

Conversations in the Cottage during Footprints ecoFestival

Call for Entries on the theme of Ecologically Sustainable Food in relation to Annandale

*No Entry Fee
*No Prize
*Works may be for Sale
*Closing date 1st August
*Artists need to provide photographs and descriptions of their work and themselves for the online catalog.

Where: 31 White Street
When: 11am-3pm Sunday 21st August 2016

fireplace, with mantlepiece and three paintings of cumquats above bunches of cumquats and jars of jam
This will be the ninth Eco-Annandale. The first few exhibitions were held in the Leichhardt Library before moving to a one day format in the Cottage at 31 White St, Lilyfield during the Annual Footprints ecoFestival in White's Creek Valley.

Catalogs of Past Exhibitions: Eco-Annandale 2015:Conservation in Construction | Eco-Annandale 2014: The Evolution of Annandale | Eco-Annandale 2013: The Carbon Cycle | Eco-Annandale 2012: Energy | Eco Annandale 2011: Water | Eco-Annandale 2010@Footprints: Biodiversity | Eco-Annandale 2010: Biodiversity | Eco-Annandale 2009: Annandale's modern Ecosystem.

For more information contact the curator:
Marghanita da Cruz
Telephone 0414-869202
Email marghanita@ramin.com.au