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Some interesting trends, over the last decade.
Train trips up 24%,
bus trips up 19%,
car trips up 5%,
total public transport use up 21%

Population up 13%,
Vehicle ownership up 23%,
Weekend trips up 10%.

Those under 40 are increasingly walking and using public transport. While those over 60 are relying more on cars.

There was a 27% increase in full time students. 21% of students walk only and a whopping 75% travel by car!

Employed people are more likely to use Train and Bus, in preference to a car, than unemployed. Retired and aged pensioners like the Train & Bus, use their own vehicle's more than employed people, less than unemployed, but are less likely to walk than both groups.

148% increase in Teleworking.

More at:
Household Travel Survey Report: Sydney 2012/13, November 2014:
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Reindeer grazing at marketplace leichhardt 22nov2014

Santa brought his Reindeer to Market Place Leichhardt!

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Amongst the Westconnex Papers is RMS.002.002.6523 which records RMS's concern that the Airport's Master Plan "over-emphasises the role of NSW Government transport agencies in development and testing the proposed airport ground transport solutions". The Masterplan adopted by the Federal Government in February, states "The GTP was developed in consultation with the NSW Government's transport agencies, including Transport for NSW (TfNSW), NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and the Sydney Motorways Project Office (SMPO)."

Read More at:

Australian Government approved Sydney Airport’s new Master Plan 2033 on the 17th of February, 2014. (viewed 8 April 2014)

Sydney Airport rated Australia's worst large airport:"The ACCC said the airports' revenues and profit margins had increased due to continued growth in passengers, which had also helped boost what they earn from car parking." SMH, April 3, 2014

Should the O’Farrell government lower Sydney airport rail fares? Alan Davies | Feb 06, 2013: "Last year’s Federal/NSW Joint Study on airport options for Sydney estimated removal would increase the number of airport rail users by 26% in the first year and 34% in the long run. It said the benefits for travellers from doing away with the surcharge would exceed the cost to the State."

In 2013/14 the NSW Government committed around $2.7 billion of Restart NSW funds to growing and
improving the state’s road network over the next four years, with $553 million to be spent in 2013/14.
WestConnex Motorway and enabling works ($111 million to start the WestConnex Motorway and $29
million for works on existing roads in the Port Botany and Sydney Airport Precinct to support the
WestConnex Motorway 2013-2014 state budget


CBD Parking Levy.
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West Connex Tollway

Minister Duncan Gay: $11-$11.5 billion ...WestConnex Delivery Authority established Posted on: 31/10/2013

Dr Mehreen Faruqui MLC: The 13 billion dollar WestConnex is a massive opportunity cost for real public transport measures for Western Sydney...Westconnex Will Not Deliver for Sydney

Debate resumed from 20 June 2013. Mr JOHN SIDOTI (Drummoyne): The New South Wales Government will spend $1.8 billion on the WestConnex project over four years, funding the first stage before seeking private investment. This will not only alleviate many traffic concerns in the Concord area in my electorate but also stop much of the rat-running in our local streets. This is great news for not only the people of Drummoyne but the State at large. The Government is investing in light rail: $75 million for the central business district and south-east light rail, and $67 million to complete the Inner West Light Rail Extension....BUDGET ESTIMATES AND RELATED PAPERS
Page: 22179 Financial Year 2013-14

West Connex to save 40minutes Parramatta to Sydney Airport?

Current train travel time from Parramatta to Airport at 7:49am on a Monday morning is 44mins. Source: Sydney Transport Planner)

Central to Airport 13minutes. Parramatta to Sydney Airport Domestic travel time is approximately 45 minutes Source:Airport Train.

High Speed Rail (Newcastle-Sydney-Canberra)

Benefits include reduction of flight demand and improve land (rail) access to Sydney Airport

Cost: $12billion to improve rail link between Sydney and Newcastle
$22.2billion to improve rail link between Canberra and Sydney ...more

How well are we utilising our current Road Infrastructure?

18/06: If Sydney could do it for the Olympics why not the rest of the time?

2013 Budget Estimates – Roads and Ports

Dr MEHREEN FARUQI: It is good to know. What projects are currently happening
for the better utilisation of roads infrastructure by enabling bidirectional use of lanes
to meet peak demands in opposite directions, such as the ones that operate on the
harbour bridge and on Victoria Road?
The Hon. MICK VEITCH: Contra flows.
The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: You mean the zipper ones?
Dr MEHREEN FARUQI: No, bidirectional use where you can change.
The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: Oh, tidal flow or timed lanes.
Dr MEHREEN FARUQI: Yes. Are there any planned over the next year for roads?
The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I do not know, off the top of my head. Do you mind if I take
that on notice?
I am advised:
Roads and Maritime Services has no plans to implement any tidal flow or timed lane
projects in the 2013-14 financial year.
Duncan Gay MLC
Deputy Leader of Government in the Legislative Council
Minister for Roads and Ports
Source: Answers to questions on notice taken during the hearing – Minister Gay – Roads and Ports (2013 Budget Estimates – Roads and Ports)


Petition To: Federal, New South Wales, and Local Governments
Prioritise Sydney's public & active transport (over the Westconnex).
We the undersigned call upon the Federal, New South Wales, and Local Governments to prioritise enhanced and expanded public and active transport to meet the needs of the people of Sydney.
...Sign the Petition
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We need to get rid of the Private Cars and Taxis blocking George Street Buses during peak hour
bus shelter obstructing passengers

Travelling into the Sydney yesterday was a pleasant surprise.

Crossed at the Booth Street lights in time to make hop on the departing 470 bus at 8.11am.

The bus stopped picking up passengers at Ross Street - but we continued along the tortuous route through Glebe rather than onto Parramatta Road's Bus Lane.

At the Sydney Town Hall, the bus had to negotiate private vehicles in the left hand lane and the disappearance of the bus lane, before the usual congestion at the Queen Victoria Building.

I did alight almost at the Wynyard Stop at 8.41am.

Returning home at 6pm was a different story. The 470 couldn't get to the bus stop because of empty taxis in the lane. Buses were also banked up beyond the Wynyard stop.

There is only one bus lane into and out of the city at Wynyard and the private cars and taxis clog that.

As George Street widens there is still only one bus lane but the traffic seemed to flow a little better.

George Street needs to be reserved for buses only during peak hours especially at the end of a long day at work.

The return journey to Annandale took an hour. The bendy bus wasn't full and was overtaken by an ordinary bus.

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St Marys lies across the Great Western Highway, to the North of the M4 and south of the Railway Line.

As you turn off the M4 you encounter "South Creek Railway Station" now the base for the South Creek Vietnam Veterans Association

South Creek was the previous name of the township now known as St Marys. St Marys is named after St Mary Magdalene Church which sits on the hill in St Marys.

The family of the third Governor of NSW Philip Gidley King are buried in the cemetery adjoining the Church.

"In the late 19th Century...The major difficulties were related to the high cost of transporting goods to and from the markets in Sydney (the tanning and timber industries); the dwindling local supplies of timber (the sawmills); and the impact of new technology in the form of motor transport (the coach and waggon works)... the Bennett coach and waggon works achieved national renown for their production of sturdy table-top wagons." - Establishment of the Village of St Marys viewed 4 March 2013

"James Bennett, of Finsbury, was the inventor of a two-wheeled carriage called the Dennett, which was a great improvement on the whisky or gig of 1790." - Coach Making viewed 4 March 2013

"The outing was on Saturday last, the picnic party leaving St Marys by train at half-past nine and picking up en route. The party were in a happy mood, young and old casting aside dull care, and being intent on enjoying to the utmost an Australian holiday in true Australian style...." - 1914 'St. Marys Outing.', Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW : 1882 - 1962), 21 February, p. 3, viewed 4 March, 2013,