St Marys lies across the Great Western Highway, to the North of the M4 and south of the Railway Line.

As you turn off the M4 you encounter "South Creek Railway Station" now the base for the South Creek Vietnam Veterans Association

South Creek was the previous name of the township now known as St Marys. St Marys is named after St Mary Magdalene Church which sits on the hill in St Marys.

The family of the third Governor of NSW Philip Gidley King are buried in the cemetery adjoining the Church.

"In the late 19th Century...The major difficulties were related to the high cost of transporting goods to and from the markets in Sydney (the tanning and timber industries); the dwindling local supplies of timber (the sawmills); and the impact of new technology in the form of motor transport (the coach and waggon works)... the Bennett coach and waggon works achieved national renown for their production of sturdy table-top wagons." - Establishment of the Village of St Marys viewed 4 March 2013

"James Bennett, of Finsbury, was the inventor of a two-wheeled carriage called the Dennett, which was a great improvement on the whisky or gig of 1790." - Coach Making viewed 4 March 2013

"The outing was on Saturday last, the picnic party leaving St Marys by train at half-past nine and picking up en route. The party were in a happy mood, young and old casting aside dull care, and being intent on enjoying to the utmost an Australian holiday in true Australian style...." - 1914 'St. Marys Outing.', Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW : 1882 - 1962), 21 February, p. 3, viewed 4 March, 2013,