Interpretive Signage, Ancient City of Polonnaruwa ( Sri Lanka 2 May 2013
1910 Electricity Substation
In 2013, AUSGRID Substation 15, Johnston Street became the second oldest substation on the network. Photograph 7 May 2009. More at
page 454 of minute bookState Records NSW (Western Sydney Records Centre at Kingswood)

What was here before, Orchard Road, Singapore, April 2013

Fountain, Gardens, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, 3 May 2013

Thatched Wattle & Daub House, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, 3 May 2013

Ancient City of Sigiriya

Cyclist, Large Fig tree and Concrete Aqueduct
Annandale Sewerage Aqueduct - the first reinforced concrete structure in Australia

public wandering the grounds of derelict powerstation
White Bay Power Station Open Day, February 2011

Very high brick wall with glass and concrete window panel
Facade, White Bay Power Station 26 February 2011

A Survey of Online Heritage Resources

Leichhardt Council
Heritage Advisory Committee
Marghanita da Cruz
18 May 2013

Global, National, State, Local Heritage
Ruins, Museums and living
Functional (Railway, Electricity, Irrigation & Sewerage)
Photographs/Museums/Interpretive signage vs the Real Thing in context

UNESCO World Heritage List

1972 World Heritage Convention

List includes 745 cultural, 188 natural and 29 mixed Sites (includes a Map)

Australian Government

About Australia's heritage
National * Indigenous * Commonwealth * Historic shipwrecks * Movable * Overseas

Guide to heritage listing in Australia

Australian National Heritage Register


Commonwealth Government Heritage Register

NSW Government

NSW State Heritage Register

What is movable heritage and why is it important?

Railcorp Heritage and conservation register

Register of War Memorials in NSW (SLNSW/RSL)

Maritime heritage

Roads and Maritime Services

Sydney Water

Ausgrid convicted and fined for destroying Aboriginal rock engraving
$40,000 in penalties and costs.

Local Heritage


NSW Legislation

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)


City of Sydney Archives

State Records NSW

National Archives of Australia


National Trust Register

National Library of Australia's Trove
[Local, State, National and International Library Catalogues and Digitised Material]

Annandale Association Register of Buildings

Annandale Building Regulations (June 1911)
*One Third of Area to be left unoccupied
*Floors at least 12inch from ground
*Damp Course
*10 Feet Ceilings
*10 foot set back
*Wooden Buildings
*Factories, Halls and Shops to be constructed of brick, stone or concrete

The rum track
Places associated with the 'Rum Rebellion', 26th January 1808 to 1st January 1810

Photographs vs the Real Thing

Along Orchard Road, Singapore they have panels showing photographs of the Orchards and Markets which have been replaced with shopping malls and office buildings.

In Sri Lanka, ruins are world heritage listed, but Wattle and Daub, Thatched houses in paddy fields, irrigated by the water captured in the tanks (reservoirs) built by the kings who once lived in the ruins are not.

Heritage Listing of Remnants of world's largest Tram Network

Sydney Tram Network