Nutrition Analysis of Everyday Recipes

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Nutrition Analysis of Common Recipes was an idea submitted to APPS4NSW Competition by Marghanita da Cruz in March 2010

The idea is to provide complete Nutrition Information of common recipes. These may be fastfood - such as a kebab, fish and chips, greek/caesar salad. The Nutrition Analysis of common recipes is a development of the analysis of raw ingredients, by Agricultural departments, and the labelling of packaged food.

Nutrition Breakdown: Calcium, Vitamin A, Iron, Folate, Iodine etc

Raw MacadamiasRoasted MacadamiasRoasted Macadamias with added salt
KangarooKangaroo Healthy Meal SolutionsKangaroo Nutrition Facts
Raw Okra
Okra, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt
Okra cooked in tomato, garlic and lemon juice - ????





This would be a mobile ready website using open standards so will work on all Browsers and mobile devices. Can be available to Kiosks in supermarkets. The idea is inspired by

Recipes could also be submitted for Analysis.

And as suggested by Tom Worthington - Food Miles could also be provided