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APPS4NSW Hackfest

NICTA, ATP, Redfern

20 March 2010
Male and Female, with two large screens in background, speaking at a Podium to an audience scattered around tables

The public is invited to Vote on ideas and apps 4 NSW

Speakers: NSW GCIO, Powerhouse museum,131500 sharing timetable data - TDX and NSW Rural Fire service.

7 Apps Hacked

  1. When is the next Sydney Ferry due to depart from Circular Quay - Website & Iphone app nextsydneyferry.com
  2. Air quality in Sydney (Best Team Effort)
  3. Crime Hotspots - statistics for assault, vehicle damage, burglaries (Equal Hack First Prize)
  4. Land my business (Equal Hack First Prize)
  5. Profiled names – what will Jack's spouse's name be, what was his weight likely to have been at birth... (Equal Ideas Prize Winner)
  6. Optimisation of gotgastro.com
  7. Parking availability and expiry (Equal Ideas Prize Winner)

apps4nsw Flickr Uploads Prize went to Halans and Prize for #Apps4nsw Tweets, went to totocol


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