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After the Performance of the First Garden

Band Lawn, Botanical Gardens, Sydney

9 March 2013

people in a park people in a park people in a park typewriter and books in glass cabinetThe First Garden is a play about Olive Muriel Pink's journey from Town Planner in Tasmania to Activist in Alice Springs.

This production of Chris and Natasha Raja's play had five characters played by three actors - Natasha Raja (Miss Pink), Scott Fraser (Henry Wardlaw and the ghost of Captain Harold Southern) and Eshua Bolton (Johnny Tjampitjinpa and Tasman). The performance was accompanied by Christopher Brocklebank (the Musical Director), Bill Peachey and Isabelle Kirkbride.

After the performance on the 9th March, which was attended by Henry Wardlaw and his family and friends. Henry chatted with the playright and cast.

There is an acccompanying exhibition in the Maiden Theatre. This includes Olive Pink's botanical illustrations and memoriabilia from the Olive Pink, Botanical Garden, Alice Springs .

Henry Wardlaw commented that he did not deliver the typewriter as depicted in the play but sent it to Olive Pink and that it was a Hermes. There is another of Olive Pink's typewriters in the University of Tasmania collection, with a "TAA Fragile" label on the cover, that may be the one sent to her by Henry.

8-17 March 2013 - Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney


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