Sydney 1788 to 1938

Arrival of the First Fleet, at Sydney Cove, to Sesquicentenary Celebrations, Sydney Town Hall, George Street.

Marghanita da Cruz,20 May 2011

A filmstrip of Image of Sydney 1788 to 1938 Sydney 1788 to 1938 Mashup by Marghanita da Cruz Created with GIMP May 2011 Images State Library of NSW Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike 3.0

Mashup, including Image Map, created with GIMP, May 2011, using Images and Metadata from the State Library of New South Wales' First Fleet, Photographs of Sydney before 1885 and Photographs of NSW life pre 1955 Collections, released at, is one of the entries in LibraryHack 2011 and was begun at Mashup at the Mitchell as part of Information Awareness Month. Presented as a Lightning Talk to Sydney Linux Users Group 27 May 2011.

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