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Federation Annandale A Short Walk Marghanita da CruzFederation Annandale: A Short Walk looks at the arrival of Electricity in Sydney and its distribution by the City of Sydney...more

Eco-Annandale 2012

Ecologically Sustainable Annandale
2012 Theme: Energy
6 Oct - 3 Nov 2012
Leichhardt Library....more

Wind Turbines in Sydney

17 August 2012

wind turbineWind Turbine (savonius) on buildings in the Harris Street Pricinct, Ultimo. Photographs Ted Floyd August 2012.

wind turbineTurbine, Mouth of Johnston's Creek, Annandale

wind turbine Turbine at intersection of Harris St and Ulitimo Road, Ultimo (6 Sep 2012)

Video Clip

wind turbineWind Turbine on Building D, Sydney TAFE, Thomas Street, Ultimo, Photo Marghanita da Cruz 15 Aug 2012

Video Clip

wind turbine on buildingView of Wind Turbine, looking east through China Town Alley, from Darling Harbour (in front of Entertainment Centre), girder is Monorail. Photograph Marghanita da Cruz 9 September 2012

Photovoltaic Panels, Entertainment Centre, Darling Harbour (Sydney) 9 September 2012.rooftopsThe Pumphouse, in Darling Harbour (shown at left of picture), was designed and built as a pumping station in 1890 for the Sydney & Suburban Hydraulic Power Company. Water was pumped from Sydney's water supply to the and stored in the large steel water tank, which still sits on the building. From here, the water was pumped across the city to various buildings including the Queen Victoria Building, where it was utilised under pressure as an energy source...

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