quaint shopping area with trees, wooden seating, drinking fountain and people striding and sitting
mosaic timber topped seating

Sydney Harbour Natural Shoreline
Arched concrete bridge
Iron Lift Bridge
Highrise Residential Buildings on Foreshore
Historic Red building, in parklands with water gate
bridge with pipe
Concrete and Steel Pylon of two bridges


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Annandale to Parramatta,via Sydney, by Bus and Rivercat

5 January 2011

Bridge, Rivercat and Ferries


We caught the 470 at the Annandale Shops and bought a "mymulti day pass" on the bus. The 470 takes you to Circular Quay via Forrest Lodge, Glebe, Broadway and George Street.

The Parramatta Rivercat leaves from Wharf 5 at Circular Quay. The Quay is located between the Opera House and the Bridge, providing perfect views of both, with a variety of boats plying the waters in between. The 11.30am Cat left ontime with only one stop, before Parramatta, at Rydalmere.

The return trip can be by Train or Metro Bus, from Parramatta, to a wide choice of destinations.


When the Rivercat service to Parramatta was first raised, concerns were expressed about the impact of the wash on the mangroves in the upper reaches of the river. On this trip there were places were the Mangroves appeared to have been trimmed, but at other points along the trip it was hard to believe you were still in the centre of Sydney.

This trip was at midday, but we did glipse some birdlife including an Eagle, possibly a sea eagle perched on a mangrove. A twilight or early morning trip could be more rewarding for twitchers.

Built Environment

The first bridge, the Ferry passes under is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, then the Gladesville Bridge, then Concord Road and Silverwater.

On the Shoreline, the views include Mansions, Appartments, Historic Buildings, The Olympic Site, Rehabilitated and still operational Industrial Sites as well as remnants of the original shoreline and vegetation. As the harbour narrows into the Parramatta River, the mangroves take over.