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Eco-Annandale 2016: Food

Conversations in the Cottage

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List of Works

Note: GST is not applicable to all works, where prices include GST it is stated. Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.

Australian Bush Foods

Australian Bush Foods

Australian National Botanical Gardens Poster
Marghanita da Cruz's collection
A2 Poster
Not for Sale

Green flat peas and purple berries

Fruit of Dianella (Blue Flax-lily) made into Salad

Photograph by Fujiko Watt
Salad by Marghanita da Cruz
Marghanita da Cruz's collection
approx A5
Not for Sale

Painting of lemons and oranges with lace table cloth

Fruit Bowl with Lace Cloth

Wendy Ross, 2016
Acrylic Paint

Painting of a large yellow bird sitting at a table with apparatus making coffee

"Allasandro's coffee had to be made just so"

Thomas C Erickson
aprox frame size 500 x 400
$250 incl GST (can be purchased at Recycling works, 45 Parramatta Road)

Watercolour of a fruitshop

Fruit Shop

Santiago Diaz
Dimensions 300x420mm without the mount
Price: AU$120

Digital Photo Fram

Some surviving species since 1788 and others

Susanne Martain
Display Monitor - automatically changing slides
View Slides: susanne-catalogue-draft3.pdf

White sculpture hanging and sitting on tableTranslucent White sculpture hanging on WindowTranslucent White sculpture hanging on window


Viki Alonso

woman in cottage with photographs

Prints and Poem

Glennis Calvert

Painting above fireplace


Merrick Fry

Framed painting of mouse with fruit

Mouse with Fruit

Janet Dawson
Merrick Fry Collection

Aubergine and Onion Still Life watercolour

Aubergine - EggPlant - Solanum melongena - Brinjal - Melongene - Mad-apple

Albert da Cruz
Approx 20cm x 25cm (unframed)
From Marghanita da Cruz's Collection.

The Cycle of Life: Chilli Plant, Flowers, Fruit, Seeds, Seedlings.

Sue exhibited Chilli Seeds, Seedlings and Chillies in Eco-Annandale and gave away Chilli tubestock at the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery.

Sue Glover

Chilli Plant Chillies Chilli Seeds Chilli Seedlings Chilli Seedlings in Tubes
Variety of Seeds, labelled

Seeds - Pulses, Spices, Grains and Nuts

Marghanita da Cruz

Variety of edible Seeds Macadamia Nuts - 4 Varieties of Chillies - Whole and Split Dhal(Lentils) - Chick Peas - Berlotti Beans Coffee Pot


Spices - YM: Yellow Mustard Seeds; BM: Black Mustard Seeds; C: Corriander Seeds; Cu: Cumin S: Rolled Spelt (wheat); F: Fenugreek Coffee; Ca: Carraway; C3: Cardomon; S: Sesame; Chillies
Pulses - Dhal; Lentils; Beans; Gram; Peas; Legumes

Cereal Grains - B: Basmati Rice; C: Calrose Brown Rice; A: Aboria Rice; O: Rolled Oats; C1: Unroasted Beans; C2: Roasted Beans

More Food - P: Pumpkin Seeds; Ch: Chia; Q: Quinoa; and Macadamia Nuts.

Etymology Pulses vs. Legumes.. Pulses have been an essential part of the human diet for centuries... Intercropping with pulses increases farm biodiversity and creates a more diverse landscape for animals and insects. The agricultural
production of beans, chickpeas & lentils dates back to 7000 - 8000 B.C...The nitrogen-fixing BC435e/1/01.16

Surprising facts about pulses you might not know

International Year of Pulses 2016 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Download Poster
seedling in pot


Marghanita da Cruz

food packaging hanging on gallery wallfood packaging

Food Packaging

Marghanita da Cruz