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UTS Speaks Our priceless Harbour

Great Hall, UTS, 16 August 2012

hall with screen showing underharbour pictures hall with screen showing underharbour pictures

"Sydney Harbour is world famous for its brilliant views, its stunning opera house, its amazing bridge and as a magnet for countless recreational activities."...more

Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS)

Sydney Harbour is one of the most biologically diverse harbours in the world. It is home to over 570 species of fish, 3600 invertebrates including dozens of Australian endemic species, and many thousands of species of often unique marine microbes."...more

"Sydney Harbour is Australia's largest, and most iconic, urbanised estuary. This makes SIMS [Sydney Institute of Marine Science] an ideal place from which to understand, and help manage the pressures of urbanisation on the harbour and coastal ecosystems."...more

Bays Precinct and Sydney Harbour National Park.


Constructed Urban Wetlands

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