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Whites Creek

Whites Creek Wetland

Whites Creek Stormwater Drain, Annandale April 2007- photograph M. da CruzThe constructed wetlands beside Whites Creek are designed to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from polluted stormwater.

Biodiversity is increased by the creation of a dynamic aquatic ecosystem and the aesthetic features of a popular park are improved. The wetlands are now an excellent field centre for the demonstration of water sensitive urban design.

Water is continually pumped from the creek into a settling pond where sand, silt and lead fall to the bottom. Water then flows over a small waterfall into the first pond. The waterfall agitates and aerates water adding life giving oxygen.

Native plants growing in the ponds absorb nitrogen and phosphorous from water. Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients for plant growth but encourage toxic blooms of blue-green algae in Sydney Harbour.

Water flows through 5 ponds and is aerated by small weirs between ponds. The depth of each pond is differnt, from one third to one half a metre allowing a variety of plant species to survive.

Frogs and native fish are now breeding successfully. Striped Marsh Frog, Common Eastern Froglet and Perons Tree Frog all add to a loud cacophony of croaking frogs on warm spring nights.

Water Testing

Whites Creek Wetland off Wisdom St (1st pond)
Whites Creek Wetland off Wisdom St (last pond)
Whites Creek Wetland, end of Wisdom Street
Whites Creek, Wisdom Street

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