Ted Floyd Creekcare

Whites Creek

The Story of Whites Creek Wetlands

Construction of Whites Creek Wetlands took the co-operation of Leichhardt Council, the NSW Government and Environmental Organisations.

While researching, on how to restore urban waterways in 1994, Friends of the Earth, Sydney identified a site for the construction of a wetland alongside Whites creek.

Completion of construction was celebrated with an Open Day on Sunday 20th October 2002. Council also initiated a successful community education program which won an Environmental Education award.

Wetlands improve water quality in the harbour by filtering out pollutants and nutrients.

Water from the creek is pumped into a settling pond where sand, silt and lead fall to the bottom.

A waterfall at the edge of the pond, agitates and aerates water adding life giving oxygen. Native plants absorb nitrogen and phosphorous in the next five ponds.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients for plant growth but encourage toxic blooms of blue-green algae in Sydney Harbour.

Kim Wheatley

Ted Floyd

Footprints EcoFestival

Sunday 6th June 2010
Photographs Irene Revel