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Whites Creek

Whites Creek Catchment

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Sewage Aquaduct over Whites Creek - Photo Aurora Sice Whites Creek is a small creek in the densely developed inner western suburbs of Sydney.

The headwaters are in the suburbs of Stanmore and Leichhardt and the creek flows in a northerly direction between Annandale and Lilyfield into Rozelle Bay, Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson).

The creek's length is a little over 2 kilometres and the catchment area is 262 hectares. The highest point in the landscape is 44m above sea level in the Southern headwaters.

Whites Creek Catchment - Annotation Ted Floyd, Aerial Photograph copyright NSW Department of Lands and Water Conservation About 55% of the land is covered by houses and units with a population of 14,000. Total road space is 25% and only 3.5% of land is parkland. The largest park is Whites Creek Valley Park with an area of 6 ha.

All native bushland has disappeared and the complete length of Whites Creek is now a stormwater drain with buried pipes in the upper reaches and an open concrete cannal for the lower 1 kilometre.

Water pollution in the creek originates from all land areas in the catchment. The major source of water pollution is leaks from sewage pipes and runoff from roads.