Ted Floyd Creekcare


Whites Creek Stormwater Drain, Annandale April 2007- photograph M. da CruzAll over Sydney and especially in the older suburbs many creeks have disappeared, buried in pipes or converted into ugly concrete drains. Swamps, water holes and flood plains are filled in and built over. Native wildlife is difficult to find and the fish are poisonous.

Whites Creek Wetland, Annandale April 2007- photograph M. da CruzCreekcare and mimicking nature will encourage wildlife, purify water, reduce floods and maintain water flow in droughts. Restored creeks will become green corridors enabling native animals to migrate from suburb to suburb.

Sydney is now suffering from drought and we need to harvest water from clean creeks. Concrete canals should be attacked by jack hammers and made into eco-creeks surrounded by leafy valleys.

Ted Floyd
30 April 2007

(Photographs : Whites Creek Stormwater Drain and Whites Creek Wetland, April 2007)