Ted Floyd Creekcare

Ted Floyd BScAgr

18 August 1946 - 24 May 2017

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1 July 2007

by Ted Floyd


1 Creekcare
2 Whites Creek, Lilyfield
3 Water Cycle in Urban Catchments
4 Soil Water


Whites Creek flows between the old Sydney suburbs of Lilyfield and Annandale. The creek is now a concrete drain with no natural features. The water is polluted, flash floods occur and wildlife is hard to find.

The ecology of urban creeks can be improved by mimicking nature in all stages of the water cycle. In Whites Creek valley the community has planted native trees and initiated the establishment of a constructed wetland.

Soils are an important, but poorly understood component of the water cycle. Careful management of garden soils improves water infiltration , reduces flooding and increases water available for plant growth.

The experience gained will help similar projects in Sydney. Whites Creek is now a stormwater drain and with a lot of tender loving creekcare an urban bushcreek will be created.


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Ted Floyd created the original concept for Whites Creek Wetland in 1996. In 2007, prepared "Creekcare in Suburban Sydney".

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Creating an Urban Wildspace DVD 

Death of Ted Floyd

Tragically, Ted Floyd died in May 2017, after being hit by a car reversing out of a driveway in Rozelle.