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Annandale to Darling Harbour and Central Station on Foot

1 December 2012

Laneway LanewayLaneways (map)

Bignell Lane, Annandale and Isabella Street, Camperdown, Photographed from Mallet Street between Designer Kitchens and Drummond Golf, complete with nets for lessons.

Veterinary Science Sydney University (map)

The Sydney After-hours Emergency Service operates within the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Sydney University, Parramatta Rd, Camperdown.

CSIRCSIR CSIR CSIR CSIR CSIRThe D. McMaster Animal Health Laboratory(CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) the forerunner to CSIRO) Sydney University, Parramatta Road, Camperdown.

Bromeliad's Sydney University (map)

Plant Plant Plant Plant Plant Plant Plant

PlantUniversity Avenue looking towards Victoria Park (map)

Approaching Victoria Park via University Avenue Sydney Uni (looking East). The Gardener's Lodge is in the North East corner, at the corner of Parramatta Road and City Road. (map)

See Gardener's Cottage and Lake in View of Victoria Park looking east (Dated: 1892-July 1901

Smoking Ceremony, Opening Group of peopleGardener's Lodge Cafe

The Gardener's Lodge, Victoria Park, Chippendale was previously a toilet block. The adaptive reuse has transformed the 1888 building into an Eco-Cafe featuring LED Lighting.

The Cafe is a training centre for Indigenous Youth and the menu incorporates a smattering of Bush Tucker (Australian Indigenous Foods) such as Warrigal Greens and Muntharies, Kangaroo, Wattle Seed and Macadamia Honey.

large spreading treeTurpentine Tree

Turpentine Ironbark forests once covered this area...more

1931: Corner of Broadway and City Road showing "pedestrians, horse and cart and vehicular traffic, trams, tram lines & tramways observation and control tower (tram signal box)"

Cranes on RoadCranes on RoadCollapsed Crane, UTS Building Site

UTS Newsroom: "Crane fire on the Broadway building siteUTS (sic) instituted its emergency protocols just before 10am on 27 November [2012] when the crane on the Broadway building site caught fire"..more

Man in White Tee Shirt in front of fenced off rail tunnelThe Gauntlet

Taking the underpass to Darling harbour we chanced upon "Engine Man" Michael Turrens at the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet Rail Tunnel is part of the "Metropolitan Goods railway line" and an alternate connection point for the light rail to buses and the heavy rail network at Central. The line runs between Platform 1 and the Powerhouse Museum, where it meets the line used by the Light Rail.

"This freight line once ran from Dulwich Hill on the Bankstown line to Rozelle and Darling Harbour Yards, finishing at Sydney Yard (Central). It featured major rail yards at Rozelle and Darling Harbour."...more

Historical Images of Darling Harbour and Rail Yards

Disused Railway Track with Mungo Scott flour mills Light Rail

The light rail currently runs to Lilyfield. A 5.6 kilometre extension from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill, with # nine new light rail stops: Leichhardt North, Hawthorne, Marion, Taverners Hill, Lewisham West, Waratah Mills, Arlington, Dulwich Grove and Dulwich Hill Interchange..more.

Night works and changed traffic conditions - Parramatta Road, Leichhardt (21-23 November 2012) to construct a temporary 'catch deck' under the Parramatta Road bridge..more

Annandale to the City on Foot in 1855

In 1855, William Stanley Jevons, then an Assayer at the Sydney Mint, described his walk from Annandale to the Mint along Parramatta Road.

Jevons Walk along Parramatta Road

Jevons wrote in his journal "The road is one continuous line from here to Church Hill—viz., along the Parramatta Road, Parramatta Street, and George Street, and a more disagreeable road it is impossible to conceive—dusty or muddy, straight, and going through the hills by cuttings. It is crowded in the daytime with herds of cattle and sheep, bullock teams, drags going up the country, mail coaches, omnibuses, diggers on horseback, etc.; in fact, it is something like what the roads must have been in England before the time of the railways."...more

Jevons walk through the Bush

… By the by, very fortunately, the day before yesterday I found a delightful way to the town through woods and dales instead of along a dusty road. I start off in the wood at our back door, and walk through close tall gum-trees and over picturesque rocks for a full mile, when I come to a stream, an inlet of the harbour; this is crossed by a bridge formed of a large gum-tree which has been blown down and fallen across it, a long row of bullocks' skulls being laid in the mud as stepping-stones on one side: the view here along the stream is also quite pretty, at least to Australian eyes. Then another mile through bush land and trees brings me within a few hundred yards of the omnibus stand at the end of the town...more

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