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Local Provenance Plants

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Photographs of Local Provenance and Exotic Trees growing in Annandale

trunks of two large white barked eucalypts next to a block of apartments

Two large Eucalypts in Booth St Annandale
Photo Marghanita da Cruz
4 October 2009

Tall Tree with yellow flowers

Grevillea Robusta (Silky Oak)
Annandale 23 October 2009
Photograph Marghanita da Cruz

Melaleuca styphelioides or Prickle-leafed Paperbark

Melaleuca styphelioides or Prickle-leafed Paperbark, Johnston St Annandale, 16 May 2009 Photographer: Marghanita da Cruz

Corymbia torelliana (formerly Eucalyptus torelliana), Cadagahi (considered a weed) (identified by Phil of Moir Landscape Architiecture), near Winkworth Steps, 16 May 2009 Photographer: Marghanita da Cruz
Looking up through the branches of a large tree in Johnston Street Annandale

The planting of this tree, is possibly contemporary with the introduction of another weed species the Camphor Laurel to Annandale by Henry Parkes - with the intention of introducing a useful timber species in this case.

White Eucalypt Flowers

Eucalypt Flowers, Annandale Photograph: Marghanita da Cruz

Small Tree with yellow flowers

Hymenosporum flavum (Native frangipani)
Back Street, Leichhardt 21 October 2009
Photograph Marghanita da Cruz

large gumtree

Large Eucalypt, Reserve between Rose St and the Crescent, Annandale

"In Sydney a large gum tree transpires up to 200 litres of water a day. A well maintained garden in Sydney will transpire nearly twice the volume of water as the total rainfall." - Transpiration by Trees

white fluffball flowers and serated leaves

Callicoma Serratifolia Whites Creek, 16 October 2008

Though not an Acacia, it has been called Black Wattle since its stems were used to construct wattle-and-daub buildings in the early days of Sydney - Native Plants of the Sydney District

Lilipilli in Fruit, Annandale, 25 April 2009 - Photograph Tom Worthington

Acmena smithii (Lilly Pilly) Berries, Annandale, 25 April 2009 - Photograph Tom Worthington

ironbark with pink flowers in Annandale St, Annandale

Possibly a"Red ironbark", Eucalyptus sideroxylon blooming in May 2009, in Annandale St. Eucalyptus crebra (Narrow Leaf Red Ironbark) Eucalyptus fibrosa (Broad-leafed Ironbark) are two types of ironbarks that would have been endemic to Annandale.

trunks of two trees canopy of two trees

A paper bark (possibly Melaleuca styphelioides) and ironbark (possibly Eucalyptus sideroxylon) in Booth St, Annandale
Photo: Marghanita da Cruz.
2 October 2009

Syncarpia glomulifera (Turpentine)

Syncarpia glomulifera (Turpentine) would once have been endemic in the forests that covered Annandale.

Turpentine Tree with  golfer
Specimen Tree, Lane Cove Golf Course, Photo: Janet Lean -33.811459;151.176252
Turpentine flowers white ball shaped feathery flowers and green gray leaves

In bloom, 20 September 2009 Photo: Marghanita da Cruz

Large spreading TreeSpecimen Tree in Victoria Park near the corner of Parramatta Road and City Road

-33.884917; 151.194041
. Photographed by Marghanita da Cruz 1 December 2012 on Walk from Annandale to Central Station (Sydney).

Tall Eucalypt, Lane Cove Golf Course This Eucalypt (possibly an Ironbark Eucalyptus fibrosa, Eucalyptus crebra, Eucalyptus paniculata)
Lane Cove Golf Course,-33.811459; 151.176252
would once have been endemic in Annandale, 26 April 2009. Photographer: Marghanita da Cruz.
red stemmed gums against the bush at sunset

Angophora Sunset
Lane Cove Golf Course
23 October 2009
Photo: Marghanita da Cruz

A Street Tree

multiflowered large yellow round flower ball with protruding long stamens
Xanthostemon chrysanthus
North Queensland Rainforest Tree
Photo: Marghanita da Cruz (November 2009)

Street Tree corner of Booth and Trafalgar Sts

veined leaves (without a point) and yellow ribbed fruit from a tree
Cupaniopsis anacardioides
NSW Coastal Rainforest Tree
Photo Marghanita da Cruz (November 2009)