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Local Provenance Plants

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Large Trees (> 5m)

Latin NameCommon NameFamilyHeightUsesFlower Type
See also: Large Trees (> 5m)-2 Flowering, Soil, Water &Light Requirements and Propagation Methods
Acacia decurrensSydney Green WattleMimosaceae16globular bright yellow
Acacia implexaHickory WattleMimosaceae12screencream
Acacia longifoliaSydney Golden WattleMimosaceae6screen sheltermany yellow
Acacia parramattensisSydney Black Wattle; Parramatta Green WattleMimosaceae5shelteryellow
Acmena smithiiLillypillyMyrtaceae10screen; birdsmany white &pink
Angophora costataSydney Red GumMyrtaceae12avenuemany cream
Angophora floribundaRough-barked AppleMyrtaceae20
Banksia serrataOld Man BanksiaProteaceae6birds; avenuelarge yellow &grey
Callicoma serratifoliaBlack WattleCunoniaceae6possumscreamy yellow
Casuarina glaucaShe-oakCasuarinaceae20
Casuarina littoralisBlack She-oakCasurinaceae8container; sheltersmall red
Casuarina torulosaForest She-oakCasurinaceae10container; sheltersmall brown
Eucalyptus aemeniodesWhite MahoganyMyrtaceae20avenuemany cream
Eucalyptus crebraNarrow Leaf Red IronbarkMyrtaceae20sheltercream
Eucalyptus fibrosaBroad-leafed IronbarkMyrtaceae15avenuemany cream
Eucalyptus globoideaWhite StringybarkMyrtaceae30avenuecream
Eucalyptus gummifera (Corymbia gummifera)Red BloodwoodMyrtaceae12avenue; sheltermany cream
Eucalyptus haemastomaScribbly GumMyrtaceae15
Eucalyptus longifoliaWoollybuttMyrtaceae12cream
Eucalyptus notabilisBlue Mountains MahoganyMyrtaceae20cream
Eucalyptus paniculataGrey IronbarkMyrtaceae30avenue; sheltermany cream
Eucalyptus pilularisBlackbuttMyrtaceae30sheltermany cream
Eucalyptus piperitaSydney PeppermintMyrtaceae10sheltercream
Eucalyptus punctataGrey or Slaty GumMyrtaceae15sheltermany cream
Eucalyptus racemosaSnappy GumMyrtaceae16sheltercream
Eucalyptus resiniferaRed MahoganyMyrtaceae20avenuemany cream
Eucalyptus robustaSwamp MahoganyMyrtaceae30
Ficus macrophyllaMoreton Bay FigMoraceae30-50small green
Ficus rubiginosaPort Jackson or Rusty FigMoraceae15birds. containersmall green
Glochidion ferdinandiCheese TreeEuphorbiaceae12small unisexual
Livistona australisCabbage Tree PalmArecaceae15yellow cream panicles
Melaleuca decoraWhite Feather HoneymyrtleMyrtaceae20
Melaleuca nodosaBall HoneymyrtleMyrtaceae6
Melaleuca linearifoliaSnow in SummerMyrtaceae8birds; avenue; screenmany white
Melaleuca styphelioidesPrickle-leafed PaperbarkMyrtaceae10birds screen avenuemany cream
Notolaea longifoliaMock OliveOleaceae8screen; containersmall yellow
Syncarpia glomuliferaTurpentineMyrtaceae20shelter; avenuemany cream
Tristaniopsis laurinaWater GumMyrtaceae10yellow

March Lillipillis

April-June is the time of the Marrai'gang (Quoll) and Bana'murrai'yung (wet becoming cooler)...when the lilly pillys ripen

deep pink berries

Acmena smithii (Lilipilli) Berries, Annandale, 25 April 2009 - Photograph Tom Worthington

two women removing seeds from deep pink berries Shirley and Merrilyn removing the seeds from Lilipilli Fruit ready for propagation Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery Chapman Road Annandale Photo Marghanita da Cruz 18 April 2012