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Annandale Heritage Festival

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three men on old tram "The last tram from Leichhardt to Parramatta" c1890. SLNSW

A Tramline from the City to Annandale along Parramatta Road opened in 1883, the line was extended to Leichhardt the following year...more

2017 Program (last update 6 December 2016)

Parramatta Road - #westgate2048
18 April to 18 May 2017

Though the focus for the 2017 Annandale Heritage Festival will be Westgate Annandale - the Parramatta Road shopping strip from Johnston St to White's Creek there will be other activities through Annandale.

Annandale (north of Parramatta Road) is a conservation area with several individual places listed on the National Trust register. During the festival, residents and businesses will present exhibitions, talks and guided walks. Annandale also has cafes, bakeries, pubs, restaurants, a brewery, coffee roaster and grocers in heritage buildings. So come visit and celebrate Heritage in Annandale.

Stanmore (south of Parramatta Road) contains the Annandale Farm Heritage Conservation Area bound by Parramatta Road and the main western railway line and between Crystal and Bridge Streets...more

Trains and Trams in 50s Annandale

Marghanita da Cruz will guide a short walk comparing Annandale of the 1850s to that of the 1950s Annandale: A Short Walk. Trains, Trams, Hansom Cabs, Horse Drawn omnibuses have all left their mark on the Annandale Estate.

This will be the seventh walk and book in a series which gathers Annandale History....more

Two People in roomTour a working Annandale microbrewery

​How is beer made? How and when was beer invented? How has beer changed the course of history? You'll learn the answers to these questions and more as well as understanding more about the brewing process during this 45 minute tour which mixes hands-on tasting of beer with stories, demonstrations and a tour of a working brewery in the former wine merchant's premises.
Date: Saturday April 15, 2017
Time: 2pm
Location: Wayward Brewing Co, 3 Gehrig Lane, Annandale 2038
Cost: $25 including beer tasting
More information:

Explore Westgate, Parramatta Road

"By 1794, this bush track had been widened and cleared to make it more suitable for carriages. This track, known as the Parramatta Road.." -

"along the Parramatta Road, Parramatta Street, and George Street, and a more disagreeable road it is impossible to conceive—dusty or muddy, straight, and going through the hills by cuttings. It is crowded in the daytime with herds of cattle and sheep, bullock teams, drags going up the country, mail coaches, omnibuses, diggers on horseback, etc.; in fact, it is something like what the roads must have been in England before the time of the railways.” - Stanley Jevon's letter to his sister Lucy from Annangrove Cottage, Sydney, 28th May 1855

"At one point along the road in the Petersham-Annandale section there is: a spot of peculiar interest to latter-day residents. Here, there once grew a giant blackbutt tree, the enormous limbs of which overhung the road for many feet. Gaol carts with prisoners condemned to death were driven to the spot, for many a hapless victim of a fiendish convict system was whisked into the beyond from a limb of this Blackbut gallows tree...." - 1922 'SYDNEY'S MUNICIPAL GROWTH', Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930), 9 July, p. 10. , viewed 09 Nov 2016,

About the Annandale Heritage Festival

The Annandale Heritage Festival is a collaborative project championed by Marghanita da Cruz during Australian Heritage Week 2017 (most likely 18-25 April 2017) and the first week of the National Trust Heritage Festival which will run from 18 April - 21 May 2017. The theme for the 2017 National Trust festival is "Having a Voice" which calls on communities to champion their local heritage and show their support for cultural and historic assets on their doorsteps.

More Information

Anecdotal History of Parramatta Rd

If you would like to get involved or be kept informed about what is happening, please contact:
Marghanita da Cruz
Telephone: 0414-869202
Or Contact Us

Annandale History Books

Annandale Short Walk Books are available as eBooks and Paperbacks. Each book provides a self guided walk through Annandale and two decades in its past. 1890s Annandale explores 1790s and 1890s Annandale, 1940s Annandale explores 1840s Annandale and 1940s Annandale...more

Anecdotal History of Annandale

The Gadigal Clan lived on the Southern side of the Sydney Harbour in a landscape of Iron Bark and Turpentine Forrest. There is evidence of human society, in the area, dating back 15,000 years...more

Heritage Listed Annandale

There are numerous Heritage Items within the Annandale Urban Conservation Area. These are listed in the Annandale Association Register of Buildings, National Trust Register, NSW State Heritage Register (NSW) or Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan.

There are Historic Engineering Plaques on, the still in use, 1890s Sewerage Aqueducts...more

Planning Controls (LEP & DCP 2013)

The Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 and Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 commenced Monday 3 February 2014. Leichhardt LEP 2013 is a legal document that sets the direction for growth in the Local Government Area (LGA) by providing controls and guidelines for development. It determines what can be built, where it can be built and what activities can occur on land. ...more

Annandale Floor Space Ratio Map Sheets: South West Annandale (Sheet 5) | Southern Annandale (Sheet 9) | Northern Annandale (Sheet 8)

Annandale Heritage Map Sheets: South West Annandale (Sheet 5) | Southern Annandale (Sheet 9) | Northern Annandale (Sheet 8)