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Time of Burran

Gadalung Marool (hot and dry) January - March..more

Annandale Artist wins Harbour Sculpture Prize

Susan Dorothea White's sculpture sculpture from scissorsTo Cut Both Ways was awarded 2017 Tracey Dixon First Prize Inside in Harbour Sculpture.

Lost for Words and Measure for Measure by Susan Dorothea White are also on display at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club.

Harbour Sculpture Inside & Outside Exhitions run until 2 April 2017- 8.30am to 7pm. Inside exhibition at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club and outside exhibition at Clarkes Point Reserve for the outside exhibits...more

Loaded Dog Folk Club

Sat 25th March, Annandale Community Centre
Christina Mimmocchi + Helen & Tony Romeo (1 hour each)
More information at:

26 March 2017 - 11.15am Matinee Musicale Annandale Community Centre, Upstairs Hall, OPUS 1 - first published works by Italian baroque masters, Albinoni - Bononcini - Caldara - Corelli - Scarlatti - Vivaldi. Stephen Freeman & Bridget Hall, violin, Rachel Pogson, violoncello, Rosalind Halton, harpsichord, Admission free, Duration: 1 hr - no interval, Annandale Community Centre - 79 Johnston St, Annandale, information: 0435 465 837 | ode_mus@hotmail.comMatinee Musicale

OPUS 1 - first published works by Italian baroque masters
Albinoni - Bononcini - Caldara - Corelli - Scarlatti - Vivaldi

Stephen Freeman & Bridget Hall, violin
Rachel Pogson, violoncello
Rosalind Halton, harpsichord

Admission free
Duration: 1 hr - no interval

Sunday 26 March 2017 - 11.15am
Annandale Community Centre, Upstairs Hall
79 Johnston St, Annandale
More information: 0435 465 837 |

Annandale Heritage Festival 20172017 Annandale Heritage Festival

1 April to 18 May 2017...more

SecondHand Saturday
Saturday 13 May - Leichhardt, Annandale

SecondHand Saturdays (SHS) are giant neighbourhood garage sale held in individual households. SecondHand Saturday commenced in the year 2000 and has run each year ever since!
SecondHand Saturday is about promoting the value of resource conservation and reducing waste to landfill, whilst making a dollar or two and meeting your neighbours.

Registration 2017

If you miss the deadline (5pm Monday 1 May 2017) you miss placing the advertisement!

More Information:

Westconnex $17billion White Elephant

"A white elephant is a possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, particularly that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness." -

New Route through Annandale for M4-M5 link

On Wednesday 9 November 2016, the M4-M5 link was rerouted to pass under Annandale, from Booth Street at Alfred Street, crossing Johnston Street at Collins St and Parramatta Road at Johnston's Creek. Source:

"M4-M5 Link: The SEARs define comprehensive environmental assessment requirements to be addressed by the project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). This is being prepared and will be exhibited in early 2017."...more

Westconnex's new route under Annandale
On Wednesday 9 November 2016, the M4-M5 link was rerouted to pass under Annandale, from Booth Street at Alfred Street, crossing Johnston Street at Collins St and Parramatta Road at Johnston's Creek.


Snapshot 12 November 2016, 10.10am from
Test Drilling Start Dates
1. Johnston St (15/11/16)
2. John St near Hill St(5/12/16)
3. White's Creek Lane (4/1/17)

"Facts about the Camperdown/Annandale mid-tunnel construction site
A tunnelling construction site is needed to build the underground tunnel between Rozelle and St Peters for the M4-M5 Link.
"We recently confirmed a site on Parramatta Road in Camperdown/Annandale is required for this purpose"...more

STOP WESTCONNEXDamning Audit into Approval and Administration of Commonwealth Funding for the WestConnex Project

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

...The upfront payment and approach to agreeing and adjusting milestones for later payments did not adequately protect the Australian Government’s financial interests. Additionally, the provision of the concessional loan did not achieve the Australian Government’s objective of bringing Stage 2 of the project forward by approximately two years.
7. The WestConnex project had not proceeded fully through the established processes to assess the merits of nationally significant infrastructure investments prior to Australian Government funding being committed. This situation was identified in departmental advice to decision makers prior to decisions being taken.
8. Funds have been paid in advance of project needs. Advice provided prior to the first payment (of $500 million in June 2014) identified that a payment of that magnitude was not yet required. The ANAO estimates that as of November 2016, the total cost of amounts provided in excess of project needs since June 2014 has been approximately $20 million.
9. The May 2014 decision to make the $500 million advance payment led to the project being approved without there being any documented analysis and advice to Ministers that the statutory criteria for giving such approvals had been met. Advice seeking the necessary approval for later payments (of $250 million in June 2015, $450 million in June 2016 and $300 million in November 2016) addressed those criteria. But those three milestone payments were designed and administered in a way that did not adequately protect the Australian Government’s financial interests. This was because, in order not to delay payments, milestones were agreed to after the respective event had already occurred or amended shortly before the payment was due to be made where NSW had not met the milestone.
10. Departmental advice to Ministers focused on the benefits of providing a concessional loan to the WestConnex project. The key benefits identified were the:
lower net financial impact on the presentation of the Federal Budget of a loan compared with further grant funding (due to the differences in the accounting treatment of loans and grants, and because a loan would earn interest income and be later repaid);
increased construction activities between 2015‒16 and 2016‒17 from accelerating the second stage; and
potential to reinvigorate the private sector lending market in relation to demand risk toll roads.
11. But the advice to Ministers did not adequately identify or quantify the costs and risks associated with providing a concessional loan. Key issues that detract from the loan providing value for money include:
there is evidence that the loan was not needed to accelerate the second stage of WestConnex and, in any event, the project has not been accelerated to the extent projected by DIRD (by up to two years); and
the interest rate on the loan was set well below comparable market rates with no margin included to cover the Australian Government’s loan administration costs or risks....more

The objective of this audit is to assess whether appropriate steps were taken to protect the Commonwealth's interests and obtain value for money in respect to the $3.5 billion in Commonwealth funding committed to the NSW Government for the WestConnex project...more

Road with cars at night sign says Johnston Street Annandale, Leichhardt, Parramatta

Public Transport Survey

The Greens have established a series of surveys for people to have their say about New South Wales transport and help us in our work uncovering problems with the system and attending to people’s needs.

Do Survey at:

Parramatta Road Urban Renewal

Parramatta Road has been divided into Precincts: Granville, Auburn, Homebush, Burwood-Concord, Kings Bay, Taverners Hill, Leichhardt, Camperdown connected by Frame Areas.

"The Frame Areas are important connections between Precincts and will contribute towards the transformation of the Corridor. While not the focus of growth in the Strategy, land use change and development may still occur over the longer term through 'spot rezonings' or changes to development controls...." - Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy fact sheet

Strategy Documents 9 November 2016 : Urban Transformation Strategy 2016 pdf (14 MB); Implementation Plan 2016-2023 pdf (3.2 MB); Urban Amenity Improvement Plan pdf (10 MB); Planning and Design Guidelines pdf (24 MB); Infrastructure Schedule pdf (1.6 MB) - See more at:

For events and news of the past see history

History of Camperdown

In 1806, Governor King granted a parcel of land to William Bligh. The land was in Camperdown, adjoining Johnston's Annandale Estate. Johnston arrested Bligh, on 26 January 1808 and administered the colony until 28 July...more

Ironically, in 2003, the Local Government Areas were redefined and the suburb boundaries have also been altered and the pocket of Camperdown (between Mallett, Booth and Parramatta road) is now part of Annandale.

Rozelle Bay and Annandale Foreshore

Rozelle Bay

Johnston's Creek

Federal Park Wetlands

A Local Environment Plan has been legislated, for the Brownfield Harold Park site, by the State Government and the City of Sydney is preparing a management plan for the parklands adjoining Johnston's Creek and Rozelle Bay more

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