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vine with purple cascade of flowerstiny purple pea flower on vinecascade of pink-purple pea flowers (not all in bloom) with grey green round leaves

Ecological Sustainable Walk around Annandale

This walk starts and ends at the Annandale Post Office. The Post Office is at the intersection of Johston and Booth Sts, Annandale. Allow two hours for the walk.

Getting to Annandale

See 131500 Transport Trip Planner.

The Walk

  1. The Annandale Post Office is located in Annandale village which has several coffee shops, a pub, restaurants and supermarkets. However, there are no shops or cafes along the way so, take water with you.
  2. Setting out from the post office turn west, and head, towards Leichhardt, down Booth St (away from the intersection) to White's Creek.
  3. Just before the bridge take the path down to the covered creek.
  4. At the creek turn right heading north
  5. concrete kerb swalethe first street you come to is Arguimbau. Note the Swale on the northern side of the street
  6. Returning to the creekline past the little park is the People around a Plant Nursery Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery is on your right on the east bank of the creek. Visitors and Volunteers are welcome on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Volunteers propagate local provenance plants for local bushcare projects. Read more about the . On Wednesday and Friday morning, volunteers gather for busy bees either in the nursery or head off to local bushcare projects.
  7. On your left is Ted Floyd Way through the wetlands. If you take the path to Wisdom St on the right past the nusery there is interpretive signage explaining who Ted was and how he advocated for the wetlands. Ted was an advocate for nature a soil scientist and convenor of Friends of the Earth. He advocated for the naturalisation of creeks. Which had been converted into concrete drains or buried in pipes in the early 20th Century.
  8. Ted campigned for the creation of the Fresh Water wetlands at what was a bend in the creek, as habitat for frogs. The wetlands were built in 2001 and have attracted eastern long neck turtles who look a lot like ET.
  9. The three constructed ponds which make up the wetlands filter the water which runs of our streets. The first pond traps any solid matter, the plants in the ponds remove the excess nutrients and slow the flow of water into the creek canal from where it goes into the harbour.
  10. After wandering through the wetlands, reading the signage or the online History of Whites Creek Wetlands continue north through the wetland which opens up to the food forest, in White's Creek Valley.
  11. There is a Retention basin on the Eastern side of White's creek under the aqueduct to capture water before it flows into the creek and out to sea.
  12. Continuing north you will pass under historic Sewerage Aqueduct which was constructed to carry sewerage over White's Creek instead of into it and the harbour. Though the sewerage is still pumped out to sea at Bondi.
  13. At Piper st, turn right and head east to Annandale Street, where there are two swale blisters. Alternatively you can cross Piper St and continue along the creek.
  14. Annandale Street, at Piper St. on 24 August 2018

    Water Sensitive Kerb Blister Water Sensitive Kerb Blister Water Sensitive Kerb Blister Water Sensitive Kerb Blister
  15. Modified Kerb blisters reduce runoff and replenish ground water. See street plants thriving due to water sensitive design in Taylor Street (South). New modified Kerb blisters have been installed at the intersection of Annandale Street and Piper Street. The modified design channels water from gutter into the blister...more
  16. Kerb Blister with water channelPhotograph Ted Floyd, 18 December 2013
  17. Continue north along the creek or Annandale St to Rozelle Bay light Rail Stop.
  18. Cross over the rail line at the station and take the ramp to the right to Johnston St (alternatively before the station head along Bayview Terrace to steep steps down to Johnston St.
  19. Continuing to the foreshore and towards the east there is a jetty, beach and a patch of introduced Mangroves. Read about the Mangroves here
  20. Continuing east along the forshore brings you to Johnston's Creek. Which was naturalised in 2022.
  21. Stay on the eastern bank and head towards the light rail viaduct. Just on the other side is the heron in federal park wetlands Federal Park Wetlands also constructed in 2001
  22. Further along on the eastern bank is the Harold Park residential and Tram Shed development with its trees and drains in the middle of the street and swales around it. The Jubilee Park light rail stop is to the North of Harold Park.
  23. Johnston's Creek LED Lighting and Aqueduct: The walk then continues along Johnston's Creek, through the Harold Park underpass under the Crescent and out into the Johnston Creek reserve. There are other nursery projects along the way and the Cyclist, Large Fig tree and Concrete AqueductSmart LED Lighting Pilot.
  24. Taylor Street (South) Swales
  25. If you continue to the playground and along Taylor Street, to Booth Street. Cross Booth Street, to check out the swales in Taylor Street South.
  26. Head up Chester Street across Nelson Street and head up Collins Street to Johnston Street and across it continuing to Mayles St then follow this south across Reserve Street to Ferris Street.
  27. About halfway along Ferris Street is Ferris Lane "The Magic Lane".
  28. Walk through "The Magic Lane" to White's Creek Lane then back North across Collins St to a laneway on the right which takes you to Alfred St from where you can head back up Booth St to the post office.

Glebe foreshore

  • Experimental Wind Turbine: "In February 2007, Council endorsed the public artwork Earth V Sky as part of the Glebe Point Road Streetscape Upgrade project. The artwork proposed a wind turbine to power the lighting of the fig trees at the end of Glebe Point Road during twilight hours. A feasibility study has indicated that a 5kW turbine would be necessary to provide adequate power to the artwork allowing surplus power to be fed back into the grid. The scale would be comparable to the current field lighting towers at Jubilee Oval (18m).
    After the detailed feasibility study, it has been discovered that ‘inverter’ and ‘grid connection’ approvals from Energy Australia have not been developed for small scale urban wind turbines. "... more
  • Water Retention Basin Bicentenial Park: Cross Johnston's Creek via the historic former motor vehicle bridge now only used by walkers and cyclist. On the Eastern side of Johnston's Creek a large water retention basin has been constructed and grassed.

  • Turning back south along Johnston's Creek you can walk through the Harold Park development which has implemented water capture in its streets and cross at the Crescent and head down Minogue Crescent, Forest Lodge.
  • Take the path to the creek and turn left following the creek to Wigram Road or cross the old Tram Bridge to Taylor Street.
  • The confluence of Orphan's Creek and Johnston's Creek can be viewed from the eastern side of the Wigram Road Bridge over Johnston's Creek.