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Contact Us

Telephone: (+61) 0414 869 202
Post: PO Box 341 Annandale NSW Australia 2038
Contact: Marghanita da Cruz

About Us

Annandale on the Web was established in 1998, when Marghanita da Cruz put the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery on the web. People also began to share their memories of Annandale and agreed to them being included in the Anecdotal History of Annandale. Annandale on the Web also included "What's on" and directories Business Services, Art and Entertainment and Community Spaces and Activities

In late 2009, Marghanita established Ecologically Sustainable Annandale an annual exhibition. In 2014, this morphed into Conversations in the Cottage. Eco-Annandale 2014 Evolution of Annandale | Eco-Annandale 2013 (The Carbon Cycle) | Eco-Annandale 2012 (Energy), 2011 (Water) | @Footprints 2010 (Biodiversity) | 2010(Biodiversity) | 2009 (Annandale's modern Ecosystem).

Marghanita has also designed and guided walks around Annandale and beyond.

In 2011, Marghanita guided then published the first in a series of self guided walks. Each Short Walk Book delves into two decades of Annandale's history, a century apart. more

Annandale on the Web is a Ramin Communications Project