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Good Pedestrian Access

Mother and Child - Photo MarghanitaThere are a choice of ways to get to and from Annandale and around it.

There are wonderful continuous and sometimes shady shared paths. These are an important shared community space, used by people on foot, non-motorised scooters or bicycles, people in wheelchairs and mothers with prams.

Paths through parkland along Cyclist, Large Fig tree and Concrete AqueductJohnston Creek and White's Creek.


Orange Bus Leichhardt Local LinkLeichhardt Local Link

FREE travel service to be piloted for 12 Months from 24 August 2015 - 24 August 2016.

When: between 8.30am and 2.45pm on Mondays AND Thursdays.

Route and some of the 49 Stops:

  1. Hunter Baillie Church, Johnston Street
  2. Bus Stop at Cnr Booth & Johnston Streets
  3. Perry St shops
  4. Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre
  5. Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre
  6. Balmain Woolworths
  7. Balmain Hospital
  8. Laggan Ave, Balmain (Elliot St)
  9. Hannaford Centre
  10. Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre
  11. Hawthorne Canal Light Rail Stop
  12. Leichhardt MarketPlace (Marion St)
  13. Leichahrdt Town Hall (Marion Street)
  14. Hay St, Car Park, Leichhardt

More information including Timetable and Route Map

Car Crash Count for 2011

The suburb is serviced by frequent Bus from the Sydney CBD, Haymarket, Coogee and Balmain as well as the services as well as the light rail from Central Station.

ladies waiting for a bus in Booth St - Photo MarghanitaThe Light Rail also skirts Annandale on the Harbour Side.

Scooters are becoming an increasingly familiar site.

Sadly, a large number of locals miss out (on the pretty environment, involvement in the community and health benefits) by choosing to sit in their cars and slowing the buses. A large number of vehicles pass through Annandale every day - sitting with other in the traffic on Johnston St, Collins, Booth, Paramatta and the Crescent. See: Carbon Footprint of Traffic through Annandale

"NSW's big cities, especially Sydney, are poisoning the environment and making us all sicker and more stressed. The longer we continue with the state's "transport model" - where cars carry 78% of people to work and trucks 60% of goods - the worse things will

Trams in Annandale

Transport Planning

The boundary between Leichhardt Council and the City of Sydney, is the centre of the Crescent (Annandale), Wigram Road (Annandale south of Johnston's Creek) and Booth Street (Camperdown). The boundary with Marrickville Council passes through the centre of Parramatta Road. These roads, Johnston Street and Booth Street are used by traffic into and out of the Sydney CBD.

Leichhardt Council is exhibiting its draft Integrated Transport Plan is on display 24 February 2012 and 27 March 2012...more

Submissions on State Transport Plan are due by 27 April 2012. A draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan will be released for public comment mid-year, with the final Plan due for completion in November 2012.more

City of Sydney Planning Development & Transport Committee

Transport Plan & Metropolitan Strategy

Our Cities - building a productive, sustainable and liveable future is open for comments and feedback. This discussion paper is accompanied by a Background and Research Paper Our Cities - the challenge of change. Both of these documents can be downloaded from this website....National Urban Policy - Open for Public Comment until 1 March 2011

1 October, 2010 Flyer

terrace house in Annandale with Scooter parked outside - Photo TomSelf Guided Walk from Annandale to Circular Quay

Leichhardt’s Integrated Transport Strategy

Leichhardt Council is developing a new Transport Strategy to set the framework for integrating Transport, Land Use and our Community over the next 10 years.

We’re starting with 3 Community Workshops where you’ll be asked to tell us about your experiences and to suggest how we could work together to improve things. Each of these workshop will run from 6.30pm until 8.00pm:
• Tuesday 12th October: Annandale Town Hall [Neighbourhood Centre], 79 Johnston Street Annandale
• Wednesday 13th October: Balmain Town Hall
• Tuesday 9 November: Leichhardt Town Hall

An Online Survey

As well as the workshops you can make your opinion count electronically by going to "Major Community Issues" on Council’s website.

For further information please contact: Ken Welsh, Council’s Strategic Transport Planner on 9367 9241 or at

2013 Pedestrian Survey

Leichhardt Council PAMP (Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan) Update and Review
Give Leichhardt Council a better understanding of your requirements, hot spots and pathways to link your favourite places. Please complete the survey by Thursday 16 May 2013: