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1930-1938 - Depression, Migration and Radio

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2nd Picture Theatre Opens

NEW PICTURE THEATRE: The New Olympia de Luxe Theatre, Parramatta Road, Annandale's opening with Saturday matinee "Whoopee" I and "Rango." - The Sydney Morning Herald 6 August 1931

Amy Hudson

1930s Annandale: A Short Walk by Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of an Art Deco Pub

1930s Annandale: A Short Walk takes you back to Annandale of the 1930s and 1830s. Westgate was a shopping destination and Annandale a hub of industry. The Westgate Shop owners staged a street wedding. The Beale factory was churning out pianos, sewing machine and radio cabinets. The Raycophone company was fitting radios into Beale's plywood cabinets and manufacturing Theatre sound equipment.

1930s Annandale saw the rise of the car and demise of iron lace verandahs. Pianos, radios, movie sound equipment, gun sights, jam and confectionery were made in Annandale.

Amy Hudson picked up a bat and ball and went on to tour with the Australian Cricket Team. Westgate was the place to shop.

Back in the 1830s, a toll turnpike was installed on Parramatta Road and the Johnstone clan expanded their landholdings...more

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The Hudson family lived at 153 Trafalgar Street, where Amy and her sister began playing cricket in the street.

In March 1930, their mother Hudson applied to run a chocolate wheel in Young Street, off Parramatta Road.

In 1931, the Warratah Ladies Cricket Club wrote to Council to secure use of Hogan's Park.

Yet as Marion Stell shares - Amy Hudson told her that the Men still took over the field until her Mum stepped in, possibly overstepping the mark to clear the 12 min of Podcast at

"Emerging medium-fast bowler Amy Hudson recalled her enjoyment at bowling to brilliant batsman and local Balmain boy Archie Jackson."..

  1. Mack Brodie caracatured Amy Hudson as "Annandale's Demon Bowler Captain Amy Hudson" (p207, Solling, Max & Reynolds, Peter L 1997, Leichhardt : on the margins of the city : a social history of Leichhardt and the former municipalities of Annandale, Balmain and Glebe, Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards, N.S.W)
  2. Minute 8827(7 March 1930), Item (File) Number 7 File title / Name of person Minute Books [Municipality of Annandale] 28/05/1928 to 17/12/1934, State Records of New South Wales
  3. Minute 9436, , Item (File) Number 7 File title / Name of person Minute Books [Municipality of Annandale] 28/05/1928 to 17/12/1934, State Records of New South Wales
  4. Minute 372 (1935), File number 8, Minute Books [Municipality of Annandale] 14/01/1935 to 19/04/1943, State Records of New South Wales
  1. Women's Cricket Team (probably the Warratahs), Hogan's Park with white picket fence and Aqueduct in background: Unidentified women's cricket team, 1936-1949 Lorna Thomas (SLNSW Call Number: SLMLMSS 7277 R 943 Digital ID: a3157031)
  2. Possibly the Australian Team with Amy Hudson (second standing cricketer from left of photo) (Sam Hood, 1872-1953 Unidentified women's cricket team (SLNSW Call Number: PXE 789 (v.55) Published date: c.1935 Digital ID: a413006)
  3. Amy Hudson with flowers
  4. Amy Hudson collection NMA

"with Miss Amy Hudson on Saturday. The latter is a useful all-rounder in any team, and the catch she took off her own bowling will long be remembered, while 1936 'CRICKET REVIEW.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 3 December, p. 30, viewed 5 March, 2015,

"The N.S.W. women have a bowler of exceptional ability in Miss Amy Hudson, who, in a match against. South Australia, skittled the crow, eaters in fine style, finishing up with the -remarkable a'verage. of eight wickets for seven runs. 1939 'CRICKET NOTES.', Wellington Times (NSW : 1899 - 1954), 16 March, p. 12, viewed 5 March, 2015,

"The Australian Women's Cricket Council to-day approved of the follow ing 13 players to tour England next year: Mrs. M. Peden (captain, N.S.W.) Peggy Antonio, Winnie George, Nancy Clements, Nell McLarty (Vic.), Hazel Pritchard, Alice Wegemund, Alicia Walsh, Molly Flaherty, Amy Hudson (N.S.W.), Kath Smith (Queensland), Sue Summers (S.A.), Marie Jegust (WA) 1936 'TOUR ENGLAND.', Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954), 17 December, p. 12, viewed 5 March, 2015,

"Nell McLarty, of Melbourne and Amy Hudson, of Sydney, are the only two interstate fast bowlers who can make the ball rise sharply from the pitch, and neither of these bowlers would deliberately aim to injure the batsman. 1934 'NO BODY-LINE in Women's CRICKET.', The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), 1 September, p. 47, viewed 5 March, 2015,

"GOING TO ENGLAND WOMEN'S TEAM CHOSEN MELBOURNE, Thursday. It was announced last night that the following interstate players had been selected for the Australlan women's cricket team which will leave early next year for England:-Margaret Pe den (N.S.W.). batswoman: Peggy An tonio (V.). all-rounder: Nancy Clem ents (V.), all-rounder; Mollie Flaherty (N.S.W.), fast bowler: Winnie George (V.), all-rounder; Amy Hudson (N.S.W.), all-rounder; Marie Jegust (WV.A.), all-rounder; Nell . McLarty (V.), batawoman: Hazel Pritchard (N.S.W.), batawoman; 1Kathleen Smith (Q.), lefthand fast bowler and right hand bat; Sue Summers (S.A.), left hand bowler; Alicia Walsh (N.S.W.), slow off-break bowler; Alice Wege mund (N.S.W.), wicketkeeper. Twv more players have yet to be selected. and Barbara Peden, a sister , of the captain, will be the 16th member rf the team subject to the approval of the Enrlish Women's Cricket Asoecla i tion, She is in England now and will pay the £75 requlrcd from each 1 player. 1936 'SCHOOLGIRLS AT CRICKET.', Examiner (Launceston, Tas. : 1900 - 1954), 18 December, p. 12 Edition: DAILY, viewed 5 March, 2015,

"The Australian women's cricket team was announced tonight by the selectors. It is the same as that which played in the second test match in Sydney, except that Amy Hudson and Loraa Kettels are included instead of B. Monaghan and N. Mccarty, who is twelfth player. The players are:— if. Peden (N.S.W.), captain; K. Smith (Qld), P. Antonio (Vic.). J. Brewer (Qld), Amy Hudson (N.S.W.). U Eettels (V.), A. Palmer (V.). B. Peden (N.S.W.). H. Prltchard (NJS.W.), E. Shevill (NJS.W.), R. Shevffl (NJ3.W.), N. McLarty (V.). twelfth.1935 'Team For Next Test Against British Women.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 17 January, p. 16, viewed 5 March, 2015,

"Two women cricketers who have distinguisher, themselves in the hockey world during the wintei jenson nie Miss Amy Hudson and Miss Peggj Antonio. The latter is the Victorian bowler who distinguished herself against the English women'; nicket team list season. Miss Hudson is the well known New South Wales fast bowler, who alsc pained a place in the Australian Eleven. Both cricketers play in the forward line with theil hockey teams, and Miss Hudson's team, Excelsioi II., won the B grade competition of the Women's Hockey Association.1935 'JOTTINGS ON SPORT PERSONAL.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 3 October, p. 21 Supplement: Women, viewed 5 March, 2015,

Abe Saffron

The employment opportunities in light industry and other business, as well as the close proximity to the CBD made Annandale a vibrant place to live and work. Duncan McNab's The Usual Suspect: The Life of Abe Saffron , describes Saffron's early life in Annandale - where the family lived above his parents' fledgling drapery business at 231 Parammatta Road. The business flourished and moved to George St and the family to Bondi. Though life in Annandale had been good the book also mentions that the latest dances from London and America were taught by a local identity Mr FA Reeve in the Annandale Hall in Young St.

Rita Eilleen Freeman, then aged 30, had gone that morning to Annandale's Queen Victoria Hospital for Women and Babies - later to be known as the Holy Family Convent...Rita gave birth to a second son, George David.
...Rita and the three kids moved north across the highway into another tiny house at 67 Young Street, Annandale
...School held little interest for George - he was tossed out of two in Annandale.. - The Real George Freeman by Tony Reeves

Three Point Plan for Rehabilitation

In September 1933, Walter Herbert Davies of 157 Booth Street, applied (No 24377) for registration of copyright for a draft of his book "The Three Point Plan for Rehabilitation.- Being a complete comprehensive and Practical Solution of the Present National and International Deadlock." Copyright was granted on

Davies' three points were a "New Single Tax", "Regulation of External Trade" and "A vigorous Public and Municipal Works Programme". The draft included a formula and a sample calculation of his proposed "super graduated income tax" on future accoumulations of new wealth as a more reliable alternative to the current system, whose previously wealthy payees were now paupers.

Davies three points, were like flour, milk and eggs, "themselves good", but could also be blended to make a cake. The regulation of external trade was necessary to address the short fall in taxation, necessitating loans, was due to unemployment caused by the level of imports from the USA. The vigorous public works program was to be funded by "Internal Loan Money" -bonds?.

Davies, W. H. (Walter Herbert) 1930, The cause and cure of unemployment : the only remedy for trade depression and unemployment, W.H. Davies, [Annandale, N.S.W

Giving evidence before the Banking Commission to day, Walter Herbert Davies, , who said he assisted in run- ning a steam laundry, advocated the use of a 5/ note to avoid the carrying of much small silver, and a coin of similar size to the Indian anna, to replace the present penny....
He argued that the time had ar- rived in Australia 'when the banking system should be, nationalised gradually, by the allocation of 25 per cent, of the nett profits of the Commonwealth Bank...nett profits of the Common- wealth Bank to the purchase of shares In the trading banks, and the preven- tion of the opening of new trading banks; Thus time all the banks would he controlled by the Commonwealth Bank, and in a crisis they, could be asked legitimately to carry the country.1936 '5/- NOTE.', The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW : 1894 - 1939), 15 July, p. 1, viewed 21 January, 2014,

York Electric Works, Ltd. Capital, £5000 in 400 £10 preference shares and 1000 £1 ordinary shares. Objects, to acquire busi- nesses of electrical and mechanical engineers and contractors. Governing director, Walter Herbert Davies. (1920 'COMPANY NEWS.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 30 April, p. 10, viewed 21 January, 2014,

Lionel John Lynch, 22, clerk, was fined £5, and ordered to pay £8 compensation, at the Glebe Police Court yesterday, for having stolen £8, the property of Walter Herbert Davies, at Annandale, on June 27. He pleaded guilty. Detective Constable Hardy said defendant had been generously treated by Mr. and Mrs. Davies, who had given him a home and a share in a laundry business, but during their absence he stole the money. 1936 'POLICE COURTS.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 8 July, p. 11, viewed 21 January, 2014,

The father of Phyllis Davies, Mr W G Davies of Annandale, said that the body only slightly resembled his daugh- ter as he remembered her 10 years ago....1938 'Five Persons View Girl's Body.', Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954), 17 February, p. 9, viewed 21 January, 2014,

Mr. Davies said that his daughter ran away from home when slw was 16 and he had not seen her for about ten I years. After her mother died he mar ried again, and in one letter from his daughter, posted in Melbourne, she asked permission to marry a young man. He cave it. but so far as he knew the marriage never took place. Later, his daughter wrote asking that money be sent to her. care of a Melbourne post office, but the money had not been sent Since then he had lost all trace of his daughter.1938 '"PYJAMA GIRL" STILL NOT IDENTIFIED.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 17 February, p. 14, viewed 21 January, 2014,

NLA Trove Tag: Walter Herbert Davies

Modifications to Empire Hotel

Clarence Gladstone Ingram (38) was killed when a brick wall which was being demolished crushed him, while he was working at the Empire Hotel 1937 'WALL FALLS ON WORKMAN.', The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954), 6 March, p. 21, viewed 27 March, 2013,


"A fire broke out yesterday in a Joinery works at the corner of the Crescent and Nelson-street, Annandale. Notwithstanding the firemen's efforts, which were aided by a heavy downpour of rain, the premises, which are of two stories, were severely damaged, the roof being partly destroyed. The owner is Arthur C. Turner, who lives at 62 Lyons-road, Drummoyne. - 1930 'FIRE AT ANNANDALE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 29 December, p. 2, viewed 19 June, 2012,

"There were exciting scenes at the corner of The Crescent and Nelson street, Annandale, tonight when three men drew revolvers and a fusillade of shots was fired. Apparently none of the men was struck by the flying bullets" -1936 'FRACAS IN SYDNEY STREET.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 23 June, p. 18, viewed 19 June, 2012,

LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED, 59 Parramatta Road, Phone L3011 Annandale - 1937 'Family Notices.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 18 November, p. 9, viewed 19 February, 2013,

Swimming in Rozelle Bay

industry on foreshoreFrank reminises of swimming in Rozelle Bay in the 1930's. He, and his 6 year old mates, had followed Johnston's Creek from Camperdown. Pollution was a problem, he recalls a day when the bay was full of floating Dead Fish and another when one of his mates nearly drowned.

Hogan's Park

William Anthony Taylor, 13, fell 20ft from a bridge, over a canal, while flying his kite in Hogan's Park. He was admitted to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital suffering from a fractured thigh. -1931 'CASUALTIES.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 12 November, p. 10, viewed 27 November, 2012,

Winkworth Steps

Charles Robert Winkworth was an alderman of Annandale Municipal Council between 1917 and 1933, and Mayor of Annandale in 1933. Winkworth steps down from Johnston Street to Rose Street were therefore most likely named after him as recognition of his contribution to the Council - LEICHHARDT MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, ANNANDALE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL 1894 TO 1948

MR CR Winkworth The Mayor of Annandale, Alderman Charles Robert Winkworth, died in a private hospital yesterday, aged 67 years. His home was at Dalhousie-Street, Haberfield... he founded the firm C Winkworth and Son Ltd. - The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 14 July 1933 page 16

Winkworths in World War 1

The Melocco Bros Pty Ltd, 1 Booth St Annandale

interior interior interior interiorRenovated Terazo Floor and Wall Frize, Interior of the former ticket office converted into a food hall, 22 September 2018.

Railway booking office decorated by the Melocco Bros

Virtual Tour about the Melocco Brothers

"The base for the Melocco Bros. Operations from 1919 until 1984"


Video showing manufacturing inside Raycophone Factory (1935) including Amplfiers and the Peewee

A 1935 made by Harringtons Ltd, shows employees making metal components, assembling sound heads for "Junior" type projectors, and assembling and testing radios including "Pee Wee" - National Film and Sound Archive Catalog Title No: 10174 Title: RAYCOPHONE (

Mobile Cinema, Port Moresby 1942-3

men standing in front of truck with Australian Military Forces Mobile Cinema Presented by the Motion Picture Industry of Australia MOBILE CINEMA UNIT NO. 76, Port Moresby 1942-3 (DONOR: G. MASTERS)

An interior shot of no 76 showing the open projection door, AC & W P5 projector mounted on a Raycophone soundhead and amplifier is at

Cinesound was based in Balmain Rd, Rozelle (source Peter O'Malley). "Cinesound Varieties premiered in Sydney on 1 June 1934." - more including footage

Raycophone, corner of Trafalgar and Booth Street Annandale

Photographs of the Raycophone Factory by Sam Hood, from the collection of the State Library of New South Wales

By mid-1937, 345, of the 1,420 Australian Cinemas had a system from Raycophone, at 62 Booth St, Annandale. They also produced domestic wireless receivers and developed sound recording and mixing technology....more.

"In a fire which broke out in the factory of Raycophone, Ltd., at the corner of Booth and Trafalgar streets, Annandale..."The Sydney Morning Herald Thu 23 January 1936

CONTRACTS LET...for remodelling and reconstruction after fire of the Raycophone factory Annandale and to R B Ashley Phillip Street, Sydney for additions to business premises and show room at Annandale The Sydney Morning Herald 24 March 1936

Raycophone Ltd table at the Midnight Theatrical Ball at Mark Foy's, Tom Lennon, Sydney, Australia, 26 July 1938 - Powerhouse Museum 94/63/1-91/13

Raycophone amplifier, 1929 - 1935 - Powerhouse Museum K60

"Another title card introduces the Raycophone invented by Ray Allsop, a sound system that has been installed at the Wintergarden. Footage of Allsop concludes the clip"...1929 clip 1 The Wintergarden Theatre 2:07 Talkie Season Opens: Wintergarden Theatre:

During WW2, Raycophone made artillery gun sites and supplied J3 projectors to show training films. Small theatrettes also used the Raycophone J3 projectors to shows news reels.In 1946 Raymac projectors were chosen for entertainment on warships.

Saw and Knife Factory

Annandale Factory.
A spectacular fire broke out in a saw and knife factory, operated by the Premier Saw Co. Pty., Ltd., early yesterday morning.
Large quantities of oil and Inflammable chemicals which were stored on the premises made the work of the firemen highly dangerous, but the flames were brought under control before they could reach the danger
At about 1.45 a.m., a 200-gallon tank of oil, used in tempering steel, burst into flames at the company's premises In Young Street, Annandale. Employees present at the time made a vain attempt to check the advancing flames with chemical extinguishers, but soon had to retreat.
Fire brigades trom Stanmore, Leichhardt, Annandale. George-street West, Newtown, and Glebe, under Inspector Coghlan, arrived to find the building well alight. Although they knew that there was serious danger of an ex- plosion in the stored chemicals, the firemen went into the building, and fought the fire at its source.
The great heat generated twisted the steel girders, and at one stage it seemed that the roof might collapse on the firemen below. Residents of nearby houses, fearing that the flames would spread, In some instances re- moved furniture and placed it on the footpath. - The Sydney Morning Herald 17 April 1936

Furniture Factory Damaged.
A fire occurred in Mr. A Zaccaricts' furniture factory in Booth Street, Annandale, shortly before 9 o'clock last night, and did considerable damage to the first floor before it was extinguished. - The Sydney Morning Herald 7 January 1930

Incinerator, 1936

1930 Election & 1931, 1933 Annandale By Elections

"METROPOLITAN ANNANDALE Mrs Mary Lamm (Com) 247 *RJ Stuart-Robertson (Lab) 7087 O. L. Thompson (Nat) 1726" - 1930 'METROPOLITAN.', Riverina Recorder (Balranald, Moulamein, NSW : 1887 - 1944), 25 October, p. 1 Supplement: Supplement to "The Riverina Recorder", viewed 5 March, 2015,

Returned Soldiers' Resentment. SYDNEY, Tuesday Noon.
The action of the Government m fixing the Annandale by-election for Anzac Day, April 25th, is strongly re sented by the Returned Soldiers' League. Colonel Murphy, custodian of the Cenotaph, said that surely on Anzac Day, of all days, we should lay aside all matters of political strife in re verence of our gallant dead.
Mr. Bavin said he could not under stand the action of the Government in holding the election on such a day. He felt it must be an oversight on the part of the Government." - 1931 'ANNANDALE ELECTION ON ANZAC DAY.', The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW : 1873 - 1954), 14 April, p. 3, viewed 5 March, 2015,

" ANNANDALE BY-ELECTION."Woman Candidate. SYDNEY, THursday - The executive of the Nationalist Association to-day decided to call for nominations from candidates for selection for the Federal electorates and for the Senate. Miss MM Simpson has agreed to contest the Annandale State by-election against the former member, Mr. Stuart Roberson (Labour), who resigned as a the result of his insolvency, and a Communist candidate. Miss Simpson was formely an inspector in the Education department in New South Wales. She retired last year. " 1931 'ANNANDALE BY-ELECTION.', The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), 17 April, p. 6, viewed 5 March, 2015,

" At the general election on October 25 last the result was as follows:-R. J. Stuart-Robertson (Lab.), 12,246; O. L. Thompson, (Nat.), 3194; Mrs. Mary Lamm (Comm.), 362. Absolute majority for Mr. Stuart-Robertson, 8690.
Mr. Stuart-Robertson advocated the Lang plan, but his reduced majority ? shows that many supporters of Mr. Lang at the general election have nov; changed their views." - 1931 'BIG DROP.', The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), 27 April, p. 13, viewed 5 March, 2015,

" ANNANDALE BY-ELECTION.SYDNEY, Tuesday - The mayor of Glebe (Alderman R Gorman) was selected tonight by the State Labour Party executive as the State candidate at the Annandale by-election. The local Federal Labour league chose Alderman P. McDonald of the Annandale Council, as their candidate. Alderman McDonald contested the seat the the general election."1933 'ANNANDALE BY-ELECTION.', The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), 14 June, p. 8, viewed 5 March, 2015,

large blue and white buildingMasonic Hall

The Masonic Hall (Masonic Temple 01 Jan 1934 to 31 Dec 1976) in Trafalgar street (now Annandale Galleries) was the venue for 21st Birthdays, Fancy Dress Balls as well as Catholic Youth Association and other social functions. There was a Billiard Room at the corner of Nelson and Booth Streets. While, the teenage social scene revolved around the Athletic Club at the Tram Stop, in Taylor Street. The club activities included soccer, tennis and table tennis and budding romances.

Betty and Alan were both members of the local secular Athletic club. But when it came to marriage, they had to pick between churches. Alan had been a choirboy in the Hunter Baillie Presbyterian church but they were marrid in a "behind the altar" Sacristy ceremony at St Brendan's.

"Agents who are owners, or part-owners, of sub-divided areas are seeking an amendment of the regulation prohibiting the sale of sub-divided areas in single allotments. They point out that in the County of Cumberland they own land for sub-division on which the aggregate rates to municipal and shire councils will be at least £36,000 next year, and that these cannot be paid unless they are allowed to continue the sale of allotments.....280 Nelson Street, Annandale, £410. For a brick cottage, 278 Nelson Street, Annandale, an offer of £775 was declined, and brick cottage, 2 Rose Street, Annandale, was passed In at £520"The Sydney Morning Herald Sat 21 November 1942

"At Cooper Park in Sydney, students of South Annandale Public School show the results of their study into Australian bird life with realistic imitations of bird calls." -

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