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Self Guided Wanders through Annandale

Whether you are visiting Sydney or live here, you should take a stroll in Annandale. Annandale is fortunate to have wide streets, footpaths and few driveways - which makes it ideal for walking. This is a leisurely exploration of Annandale. You can take one hour or several.

Local walkers and joggers are up before first light to take a daily constitutional down to Federal/Bicentennial park on the foreshore of Rozelle Bay. See Joel Tarling's Annandale Sketches

Getting to Annandale

Buses pass through Annandale along Parramatta Road, Booth Street and the Crescent.

If taking the Light Rail (Tram) you can hop off at "Rozelle Bay" or "Jubilee Park" stations.

Eating in Annandale

There are restaurants, cafes and pubs in the Centre of Annandale, along Booth St, between Annandale and Nelson Sts and along Parammatta Road.

A Route

"Rozelle Bay" Light Rail stop to "Jubilee Park" Light Rail Stop.

Paris End of Annandale

Annandale St, between Pritchard and Booth Sts

From the Rozelle Bay light rail stop, check out the Paris End of Annandale by heading along Annandale St to Booth St.

At Booth St, turn left and walk into the centre of Annandale, past the gothic post office, for a drink under the grapevine, at a cafe or in the pub.

black 'sketch' of church with steepleChurches and Chambers

Auctions in Nearby Leichhardt

In the past, you could attend a Friday Auction at Lawsons, in Chapman St on the foreshore. However, Lawsons have moved to the corner of John St and Marion St, Leichhardt. John St, is also the home of the Raffan Keller Auctions.

Johnston St, between Booth St and Collins St

Then head South along Johnston St, noting the Neighbourhood Centre and Churches on your left and right - the Anglican, Uniting, Presbyterian and Catholic.

The Annandale Neighbourhood Centre was once the council chambers for the Municipality of Annandale. In 1949 the Annandale Council amalgamated with Balmain and Leichhardt Councils to form the Municipality of Leichhardt. There are photographs of the Annandale Councillors on display in the hallway - including the Inspector on Nuisances.

Continue across Collins St noting the spire of the Hunter Baillie and the Shingle roof and stained glass of St Brendan's catholic church.

Gates to Annandale House

Johnston St, between Collins St and Parammatta Rd

There are a number of elegant Victorian homes and Art Deco appartment buildings along this stretch of Johnston St. There are also several aged care facilities.

When walking past Annandale School, look out for the gates of Johnston House which were relocated here, from the original home of the Johnston's in Annandale, which once stood on the other side of Paramatta Rd.

Guitar Shops and Music Scene

Parramatta Rd, between Johnston St and Nelson St.

When you reach Paramatta Rd there is another pub. But if you prefer, there are a couple of cafes and a supermarket a few doors west along paramatta rd, as well as on Johnston and Northumberland sts. If you continue west, along Parammatta, you can gawk at windows of several bridal stores.

You should then turn and travel East along Paramatta Rd, where you will pass a famous Guitar store, rumour has it Ringo Star once dropped by. Continuing along Parammatta Rd you will reach the Annandale. A well known band venue and an opportunity for another drink if need be.

Second Hand Furniture and Brick a Brac Recycled Works

If you are looking for that unusual piece, such as a mantle clock, try Recycled Works at 45 Parramatta Road, Annandale.

Piano Factory, Budhist Temple, St Brendan's School, Victorian Terrace Houses

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Trafalgar St, between Albion St and Booth St.

At the Pub turn left into Nelson St and head back into Annandale. Turn left into Albion St and then right into Trafalgar St. This will take you past the grand facade of the Beale Piano Factory. Now converted into residential apartments.

Continuing along Trafalgar St, you will pass some graceful victorian homes one of which has been converted into the WatBuddharangsee-Budhist Temple. Across the road is St Brendan's Primary School.

Crossing over Collins St and Continuing along Trafalgar Street, there is a stretch of well maintained victorian terraces and you will pass the old Masonic Temple, now an Art Gallery - in the late 19th Century the Methodist School Hall. Where Trafalgar St meets Booth st, the large building was once a Kodak factory. Prior to that it was the site of the Raycophone Factory. It has now been converted into apartments. There are a few cafes and restaurants along booth st, for those getting peckish.

Modern Architecture, Aqueduct, Revegetation

Nelson St, between Booth and Rose Streets.

Head east along Booth St to the Nelson st roundabout and pedestrian crossing. Continue North along Nelson St, where you will pass a range of modern interpretations of Terrace houses.

Nelson street passes through parkland and under the Sewer Aqueduct, which was built in 1896. See also Images of the Aqueduct. The parkland has been revegetated, by the Rozelle Bay Bush Care Group, with plants which would have been endemic to the area. However, as a result of farming and forestry Annandale has no remnant vegetation.

Continuing along Nelson St, you get a glimpse of a dramatic limestone cliff face and maybe the abandoned Ronisch Piano.

Wetlands and Sydney Harbour Foreshore walk

Chapman St and Parklands between the Crescent and Rozelle Bay.

Nelson St ends at the Crescent where you can catch a bus to the CBD, Glebe or Balmain.

If you continue towards the viaduct, don't forget to look back on Annandale to glimpse the Witches Houses and Abbey high on the cliff top, above Johnston St. Note, there are public toilets, barbecues and a children's playground located behind the wetlands, between the viaduct and Roselle Bay Foreshore.

You can also check out the federal park wetlands, between Chapman St and the Viaduct, used by the Light Rail. Then follow the well worn path along Johnston's creek, before crossing over via the historic bridge, and returning to the "Jubilee Park" light rail stop or continuing along the foreshore to buses at Glebe Point.

From here you can catch a bus into the city or continue walking along the Annandale to Sydney Walk

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