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Insects Photographed in Annandale

Yipirinya (Caterpillars)

Dragon Flies, Preying Mantis and Stick Insects

dragonfly nelson st annandale 9sep19 - Photograph Susanne Martain
Dragon Fly
moth with yellowish underwing with spot Eudocima materna identified by Jackie Beer on Facebook
Found dead Annandale Garden 27 Aug 2020
Red bodied dragon fly dragon Fly Wandering Percher (Diplacodes bipunctata) photographed Annandale Backyard by Marghanita da Cruz 4 Jan 2017Wandering Percher (Diplacodes bipunctata)
Photographed Annandale, January 2021. via lgc27 on instagram: "Hawk moth"
Via Carol Deane moderator Facebook group "Australian butterflies and moths": the latin name "Psilogrammas are very difficult to tell apart, but if you are in Sydney then it will be P. casuarinae."
Food Chain Preying Mantis eating Dragon Fly, nelson st annandale, 8may19 - Photograph Susanne Martain
preying mantis nelson st annandale 24jul19 - Photograph Susanne Martain
stick mantis
stick mantis (Archimantis latistyla) , nelson st annandale, 24jul19- Photograph Susanne Martain
large stick insect large stick insect
Stick Insect, about 64 Trafalgar Street Annandale, 26 July 2018. Moved it to the Bottle brush but it may not be a local.
Sawfly Larvae

Possibly a Bottlebrush Sawfly Larvae. Photographed in Annandale at the foot of a bottlebrush tree on 20 May 2009 - Marghanita da Cruz. More about Sawflies (Hymenoptera) and at HYMENOPTERA, SYMPHYTA, PERGIDAE

Pupa (Cocoons)

Swallowtail butterfly Cocoon

SwallowTail (Papilionidae) Cocoon (Pupae)

orange, black and white lengthwise striped caterpillar

Spodoptera picta in Annandale, 21 May 2009. Identified by Don Herbison-Evans. Photographed by Marghanita da Cruz

Discarded Paper Wasp Hive

Paper Wasp Hive
Photo: Marghanita da Cruz
29 September 2009

Paper Wasp Hive with Wasps Paper Wasps on Ivory Curl Tree (Buckinghamia celsissma) Nelson Street, Annandale 8 March 2012

More on Paper Wasps (CSIRO)

Banksia Marginata against a backdrop of federal park wetlands and viaduct

Galls on Banksia Marginata made by Mesostoa kerri (Wasp)
Federal Park Wetlands, Annandale
26 September 2009
Photo: Marghanita da Cruz
More on Biology of Mesostoa kerri (Insecta : Hymenoptera : Braconidae : Mesostoinae), an endemic Australian wasp that causes stem galls on Banksia marginata

brown round empty acacia gall green acacia gall

Acacia (Wattle) with Galls of the Kladothrips rugosus-CSIRO Entomology: Galling thrips on Australian Acacia

Whites Creek, 15 October 2009
Photographer Marghanita da Cruz

two orange and black moths an orange and black moth

Pair and Single Amata nigriceps (previously known as : Hydrusa nigriceps) (Tiger Moth)
Photographs: Marghanita da Cruz, 20 October 2009

round balls on a brown eucalypt leaf

Galls on a Eucalpyt leaf see Insect Galls) Photograph Marghanita da Cruz 29 October 2009

Flies and Bees

insect with a thin black and yellow abdomen and transparent wings on a yellow daisy

Hover Fly (Hoverflies are also known as flower flies or syrphids...more) Photograph Marghanita da Cruz 20 October 2009

insect with a thick black and yellow abdomen and transparent wings on a pink pelargonium

Either an introduced European honeybee (Apis) or a native Teddy Bear Bee (Amegilla)- more
Photograph Marghanita da Cruz 20 October 2009

Flyblue fly, nelson st annandale, 14may19 - Photograph Susanne Martain
native blue banded bee, nelson st annandale, 3feb19 - Photograph Susanne Martain

Butterflies and Moths

white butterfly with black dot on each wing on a  pink pelargonium

Pieris rapae - The Cabbage White Butterfly is probably the most common butterfly found in Sydney after it was accidentally introduced into Australia.- more
Photograph Marghanita da Cruz 21 October 2009

brown and black butterfly feeding on plant in crack in pavement

Danaus plexippus (more)
Photograph Marghanita da Cruz 23 October 2009

large black and white butterfly with orange and blue spots
Female Orchard Butterfly

large black and white butterfly
Male Orchard Butterfly

Species: aegeus Genus: Papilio
Photographed at Whites Creek by Marghanita da Cruz 20 March 2013

mole cricket, nelson st annandale, 9sep13 - Photograph Susanne Martain
grasshopper nelson st annandale 30jan16 - Photograph Susanne Martain

Further Reading

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