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Brief History

Stanmore is part of several 1790s land grants to George Johnston. Johnston named his property, bounded by Johnston and White's creeks, spanning the "High Road", now known as Parramatta Road, down to the harbour Annandale after his home in the Dumfries in Scotland.

When George died, a bit rangle ensued between his second son Robert and the widow Ester Abrahams. Robert continued to farm the property, saw the Railway line pass through the estate and later began to subdivide North Annandale, across the Parramatta Road, in the 1870s...more

South Annandale

Annandale House was located in the vicinity of Macaulay St, Albany St, Darley Rd and Percival Road in Stanmore. It was demolished in 1905. more.

When the house was demolished, it was found to have been constructed of cedar, a prize timber. This timber was probably growing within a mile or two of the location of the house. The Johnston's planted Norfolk Island pines to replace the cedar. The cedar rafters, joists, "other scantling" and joinery had been cut with an adze [a tool used for smoothing or carving rough-cut wood in hand woodworking.] as there weren't many saw-pits at the time. Reference: 1914 'PROGRESS OF THE SUBURBS.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 14 March, p. 8, viewed 6 March, 2013,

Annandale House was demolished around 1905 and many images of the house, family and norfolk islands remain. See: Annandale House

The Post Office

The Annandale Post Office, Petersham opened in 1855....more

Railway Line

"The railway is broken down on the country side of Petersham ; embankments washed away ; bridges flooded, and. in short, traffic completely arrested. The telegraph posts are washed away, and tho roads broken into deep ravines"... Source: 1860 'METROPOLITAN.', Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904), 5 May, p. 2, viewed 24 January, 2014,

State Bakery

Or how about something fabulous for that special day? State Bakery, making wedding cake, c.1914-18. Digital ID: NRS4481 [7_15906] MS5803

— State Archives NSW (@srnsw) January 6, 2017

Main bakehouse, State Bakery, Stanmore, 25 June 1914.
From the Govt Printing Office glass plate negs
Digital ID: NRS4481 [7_15887] MS3037.

— State Archives NSW (@srnsw) January 5, 2017

The State Bakery, in Percival Road*, was opened on 28 February 2014.**
Sources: *1914 'FLOUR, WHEATMEAL, MALT, SUGAR, HOPS, &c., FOR USE AT STATE BAKERY.', Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001), 25 February, p. 1192. , viewed 06 Jan 2017, *1914 'STATE BAKERY.', The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947), 28 February, p. 8. , viewed 06 Jan 2017,

"The Attorney-General of New South Wales (Mr. Hall) is going to extend the operations of the State bakery at Stanmore to take in a number of private customers. At present the State bakery confines itself to supplying the Government institutions, such as hospitals, and asylums." - 1915 'STATE BAKERY.', The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946), 13 March, p. 25. , viewed 06 Jan 2017,

State Bakery was sold for £9000 Source: 1929 'STATE BAKERY SOLD', Glen Innes Examiner (NSW : 1908 - 1954), 20 April, p. 1. , viewed 06 Jan 2017,

More Photographs

Stanmore Theatre

Street view in 1930s.

More about the Stanmore Theatre

Olympia Theatre, Skating Rink and Theatre

The Olympia was built in the 1930s...street view and interior1 and interior 2

"Sth Annandale" Tram on Parramatta Road, in front of Olympia Theatre, just past intersection with Johnston Street (VW Combi parked on Annandale side of Parramatta Road outside the Goodman buildings): photograph

In the 1970s the building was converted into a Roller Skating Rink and it appears from these photographs that the Kids of Wilmont were appealing to Jack Mundey to put a Green Ban on the Skating Rink

Recent History

Regarding Sydney Park: new paintings by Janet Kossy

Exhibition poster

18-25 April 2017

Janet Fossey: "The paintings are mixed media and collage with acrylic on canvas. Most are approx. 40 cm x 50 cm, or 50 cm x 60 cm. In creating them over the past few months I have chosen the freedom of an abstract and expressive approach, while observing, enjoying and learning about Sydney Park."

Paintings are for sale and net proceeds will go to the EDO, NSW—the Environmental Defenders Office, which does their vital work with no government funding. Current cases involve everything from heritage listing for the Sirius building to protecting endangered species, to keeping coal mine discharge out of Sydney’s drinking water catchment.

Opening: Saturday afternoon, 22 April, 2-4 pm
Corner of Myrtle St and Percival Rd, Stanmore

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