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Goraymurrai (November-December).
Each season is marked by changes to weather, plants and animals. Eg this is the season of parradowee the Great Eel..

Trees in extraordinary Blossom in November 2023 in Annandale and beyond

tree with white blossom

Eucalpt Riverview, Turpentine(Syncarpia glomulifera) Dulwich Hill and Shady Footpath Stanmore tree with white blossom tree with white blossom tree with white blossom tree with white blossom

What's on in Annandale

Cycling in Annandale

DA NoticeBike parking outside the building bikes caught fire.
E-Bike fire. - Delivery drivers rushed to hospital after e-bike battery explosion sparks Sydney fire By Sarah Swain 7:24pm Dec 3, 2023..


Proposal to convert bank and appartments to cohousing.

On exhibion DA/2023/0900 - Development Application - 119 Booth Street ANNANDALE NSW 2038 (for Co-housing)

Church Stall (9 Nov 2023)

Sheltering from Sun during Heatwave Sheltering from Sun during Heatwave Sheltering from Sun during HeatwaveLots of homemade cakes, jams and christmas decorations at Presbyterian Women's Association Stall. Moved into the vestibule to avoid the heat.

Aqueduct Mural (Saturday 9 Nov 2023)

Sheltering from Sun during Heatwave Sheltering from Sun during Heatwave

Scorcher (Saturday 9 Nov 2023)

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December were scorchers - patrons seeking shade while the queued outside the postoffic.


Welcome to Annandale Galleries
Annandale Galleries opened in 1991 in a former Methodist Church built in 1860 and subsequently converted to a Masonic Hall in 1920. There are three exhibition spaces totalling over 240 square metres.
We run a schedule of prominent Australian contemporary and Indigenous artists, as well as being the Australian representative of such international luminaries as Zadok Ben-David and William Kentridge.

Annandale Galleries is situated on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and future.

Gunybi Ganambarr Mali – the reflection / my spirit
Exhibition dates: 25 October – 9 December 2023
Opening: Wednesday 25 October 6:30 – 8:30 pm
E-Catalogue via:

"Mali’- the reflection/my spirit is as groundbreaking as you would expect from the progenitor of the Found movement which was launched at Annandale Galleries in 2013.

This is his first exhibition which is completely from metal. Mali’ is a Yolŋu word which means shadow, reflection, soul, spirit, ghost. The title plays on the reflectivity of the etched and polished material which itself reflects his gentle but indomitable spirit. As well as being held in the collections of all major Australian institutions his work is included in many international settings including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York."

110 Trafalgar Street Annandale Sydney NSW 2038 Australia
Gallery Hours Wed-Sat 11am–4pm

Kathina 2023, Wat Buddharangsee, Trafalgar St, Annnandale (26 Nov)

bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue skybush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky Beautiful day after a few days of rain. Marking the end of the Rains in Thailand.

The Kathina celebration is over 2500 years old. It takes place in the month following Vassa(three month Retreat during the Rains). At Kathina, Buddhist followers make offerings of cloth and other neccessities to the Sangha (monks). This year is a Royal Kathina, with a Royal Kathina Robe being graciously offered be His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand through the Thai Consulate, sydney. Everyone invited to ceremony and lunch.

FOGO, Return and Earn and Waste at Events

bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky bush covered in flowers and bees against blue sky

What's on in Annandale(26 Nov)

What's on in Annandale

Annandale Galleries, Gunybi Ganambarr: Mali' the reflection / my spirit until 9
Johnston St Jazz, Thurdays at 8pm
Phoenix Collective Saturday 11th November at 7pm Beethoven, Vaughan Williams, Emma Greenhill (world premiere)
Inner West @40 - Safer Roads on exhibition until 8 November 2023


bush covered in flowers and bees against blue skyMurraiyunggory (September-October).
Each season is marked by changes to weather, plants and animals. Eg this is the season of ngoonungi..


art art


art110 Trafalgar Street
Preview from 6 September
Opening 6:30pm 13 September 2023 Exhibition dates: 13 September – 14 October 2023

Historic Barks and Sculpture Part II E-Catalogue

These private collection works span 1995-2015, having been featured in Annandale Galleries’ many pivotal exhibitions. They reflect the ongoing labour of love which hasseen our directors Bill and Anne continually showcase and support artists from Arnhem Land.

Selected Mimih Spirits and Yawk Yawks from Maningrida Arts and Culture (Crusoe Kurddal, Samson Bonson, Owen Yalandja, James Iyuna, Hamish Karrkarrhba, Jack Mardilanj and Susan Marawarr)


Threshold to the Kingdom
Exhibition dates: 13 September – 14 October 2023

Threshold to the Kingdom, 2000
projected video installation, 11’10” (still)
Annandale is proud to be showing Wallinger's iconic video work, shown in 2001 when the artist represented Britain in the Venice Biennale.

An eleven-minute, ten second video, Threshold to the Kingdom was shot from a fixed camera set up (surreptitiously and without permission) opposite the customs hall at London City Airport. The unchanging view is of the airport’s international arrivals doors opening and closing. The opaque electric threshold reveals passengers and crew members as they move in slow motion from the secure area into the public lounge. Figures are approximately life size and move through the scene to the music of Miserere, a haunting seventeenth-century rendition of the Bible’s fifty-first psalm by the Italian composer Gregorio Allegri.

MARK WALLINGER (born 1959, lives and works in London)is one of the UK’s leading contemporary artists. Having previously been nominated for the Turner Prize in 1995, he won in 2007 for his installation State Britain. His work Ecce Homo (1999–2000) was the first piece to occupy the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. He represented Great Britain at the Venice Biennale in 2001. Labyrinth (2013), a major and permanent commission for Art on the Underground, was created to celebrate 150 years of the London Underground. In 2018, the permanent work Writ in Water was realised for the National Trust to celebrate Magna Carta at Runnymede, and The World Turned Upside Down was unveiled in 2019 for the London School of Economics. Threshold to the Kingdom is in the collections of The Tate Gallery, London and The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, USA.

More at or visit 110 Trafalgar Street, Annandale

Tech Central: Camperdown health, education, and innovation precinct.

map map Click on image for larger version of each

Community feedback to Monday 9 October 2023
Drop-in sessions at Camperdown Park
Saturday 16 September 10.30am-12.30pm
Wednesday 4 October 2023 3.30-5.30pm

More Information and make submissions

Inner West Jazz Festival

Creative Arts
Centre October 21 & 22, 2023 Inner West Jazz FestAnnandale Creative Arts Centre
Saturday-Sunday October 21 & 22, 2023

Inner West Jazz Fest is a collaboration between the Johnson Street Jazz community, and the musicians involved.
This is an unfunded, independently organised event.
Please BYO drinks and food, there will be glasses and cups provided.
Please be respectful to the community around you, ACAC is an old church in a suburban street, so please keep calm – as exciting as all this improvising is going to be!
Thank you for caring about living creative music.

More Information and Tickets at

singing For All - Seniors Choir

10am-12.30pm Thursdays
Annandale Neighbourhood Centre
79 Johnston Street
For more information Ph: 02-9392-5863 and leave a message for the Healthy Ageing Team Email: or
Linda Marr via email

More Seniors activities

Celebrating 125 years of St Brendan's Annandale

Poster for celebration on 15 Sep ChurchSt Brendan's Annandale is celebrating 125 years on 15 September. Irish theme in honour of St Brendan! ...

What's on in Annandale

History Week 2023: Exhibition & Afternoon with Antigone Kefala

An Afternoon with Antigone Kefala: 2-4pm Saturday, 9 September. Bookings:

Exhibition: 1-30 September 2023 (during library hours Monday-Thursday:9am-7.30pm Friday:9am-5.30pm Weekends:10am to 5pm)

Leichhardt Library, Italian Forum
23 Norton Street Leichhardt, NSW 2040

Beth Hatton and Anna Couani share their memoirs of celebrated local Antigone Kefala.
Beth Hatton and Anna Couani, who have known Antigone as a friend and colleague for over 40 years, will share their memories of her. Leichhardt poet Pip Griffin will read a poem she wrote after visiting Antigone. There will also be a virtual tour of Antigone’s home, filmed by Harry Buchanan.

Antigone Kefala
Born in Romania to Greek parents, Kefala and her family fled after Soviet Occupation, first to Greece and on to New Zealand. Already literate in Romanian, French and Greek, Kefala then set about learning English, in which language she wrote from then on. After moving to Australia, in 1960 Kefala bought her house in Annandale, and this is where she wrote all her books - five poetry collections, three novels, two children’s books and three collections of ‘journals’. Recently Kefala achieved national honours, with the Judith Wright Calanthe Poetry Award in 2017 and the Patrick White Literary Award in 2022. She is the subject of two scholarly books as well as a conference held at the University of NSW.

Beth Hatton
Beth is a fibre artist who has exhibited across Australia and overseas for more than 40 years. Her work is represented in numerous public collections including State galleries and the National Gallery of Australia.

Pip Griffin
is a Sydney poet. Her latest books are Opus: a life with music (Ginninderra Press, 2023) and Virginia & Katherine: The Secret Diaries (Winner, The Society of Women Writers NSW Book Award 2022 – Poetry).

Anna Couani
is a Sydney writer and artist who runs The Shop Gallery in Glebe with her husband, sculptor Hilik Mirankar. She has published six books of poetry and prose, most recently, a collection called local that is largely about Glebe. Anna will talk about their literary and artistic connections over that period, and read some of Antigone’s poems. She has put a poem by Antigone to music and will play a recording of this which she has posted on the internet at


bush covered in flowers and bees against blue skyTugarah Gunyamarri (August).
Each season is marked by changes to weather, plants and animals.
To learn more see

Footprints Festival

Whites Creek Valley Park
Corner White and Piper Street, Annandale
Sunday 27 August 2023 11am to 3pm

"Footprints Ecofestival is a family-friendly event with an emphasis on the environment and sustainable living. Join us for an amazing array of sustainable stallholders packed with eco-alternatives for your body and home, practical workshops from organisations making a real difference in the Inner West, panel discussions and creative conversations to change your perspectives, as well as food and entertainment for the whole family."..more

2010-2023 Footprints Festival

Bali Fling Sale

woman in warehouseSALE SALE SALE
63 Johnston St, Annandale
50% off all stock
9am-3pm Sat 26-Sun 27 August 2023 (must arrange own delivery)
Can't wait to score a bargain? Then call Jan on 0414-707-667

Annandale Galleries

110 Trafalgar Street Annandale (Sydney Australia)
Gallery Hours Wed-Sat 11am–4pm

JULIE HARRIS:I will be good … promise

Opening Wednesday 26 July 6:30–8:30 pm
Exhibition 26 July - 26 August 2023
Fiona Currey-Billyard makes her official debut at Annandale Galleries with DARK CROSSINGS. Channelling nature and personal memory, she takes the viewer on an intimate journey through abstracted oceans of Australia and Papua New Guinea. Currey-Billyard uses various carbons, paints and shellacs to produce nuanced surfaces and evocative textures, often on stretched linen of a monumental scale. Simultaneously, they are embedded with nails and staples that act as markings for both ocean currents and layered memories of her past, particularly those shared with her father. The punctured surfaces act as a way to communicate the kindness and cruelty of time on the body and our recollections. This unique act of mapping anchors itself to specific moments, people and places, but contains a comforting universality that arrests you, draws you in, enveloped by an indescribable force.

Opening of Cahill St Park

NEW PARK NEW PARKOpened 5 August 2023. Formerly Camperdown, now Annandale. Funded by the state government under NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program
Inner West Council Meeting 22 September 2020 Agenda
Item No: C0920(2) Item 4
Subject: NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program - Council Submission .

Great Bin Muster of 2023

upended bins on footpath striking flower Bins Binsstriking flowerSculptureIn July/August 2023 dwellings in the former Leichhardt LGA was harmonized with the other two amalgamated councils with the introduction of Co-mingled fortnightly kerbside collection. The blue and yellow 120l bins were replaced with a 240l yellow lidded (co-mingled recycling bin).

The old bins were emptied and turned upside down, for collection and substitution with a yellow lidded bin.

PCQ 2023 Program at Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Church, cnr Johnston and Collins St Annandale

4 musicians with instruments PCQ : Artistic Director & violin I, Dan Russell. Violin II, Pip Thompson. Viola, Ella Brinch. Cello, Andrew Wilson. Launched by Charmian Gadd at the Crossroads Festival, The Phoenix Collective Quartet is a premier string quartet performing concerts in Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle, the Central Coast and regional NSW. Its members come from the ranks of national and international orchestras such as Opera Australia Orchestra, Canberra Symphony, Sydney Symphony, BBC Philharmonic, Kammer Philharmonie Köln, Boston Symphony, and Academy of St Martin in the Fields.

Bookings and Information:

Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church

Twilight Recitals (entry by Donation)Twighlight Recital Hunter Baillie Church Soprano Georgia Cooper Piano/Organ Stacey Yang Date 25th November Time: 4pm Details on Pahphlet in box at main gate Entry by Donation

Twighlight Recital Hunter Baillie Church
Sandstone Church with Steeple at Cnr of Collins and Johnston Street Annandale.

Memorial Tree Planting

people planting tree Tree Planting for Betty Mason in the Park, Railway Pde, Annandale
Photos David Lawrence, 16 June 2023

Antigone Kefala and Victor Pinkerton
Railway Pde Fri 21 July
Annandale Remembers

Footprints EcoFestival

People in park at festivalWhites Creek Valley Parl
Corner White and Piper Street, Annandale

Sunday 27 August 2023 11am to 3pm

More at

Past Festivals from 2010:

What's on in Annandale(14 July 2023)

LMC Bin LabelHistoric Leichhardt Municipal Council Bin Label

ANNANDALE GALLERIES proudly presents

Opening 24 May 2023 6:30–8:30 pm
Exhibition 24 May–17 June
Opening 24 May 2023 6:30–8:30 pm
Gallery Hours Wed-Sat 11am–4pm

HIGH TIMES: Original rock and roll posters from the 1960s
Bringing together private collection works from across the country, High Times contains rare and sought after concert posters from the era of promoters Bill Graham and Family Dog, with the iconic psychedelic imagery of Stanely Mouse, Alton Kelley, Rick Griffin, Wes Wilson and Lee Conklin. These are joined by work by Martin Sharp and touring posters of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols which are now synonymous with the era.
Beyond sex drugs and rock and roll, these symbols of grassroots, democratized production and free expression are representative of a significant shift in American culture. The lasting impression is one of a country fighting for civil liberties, the end of the Vietnam war, ultimately resulting in a loss of innocence. The ideals expressed in these images marked the beginning or a more self-aware America and where power was being placed on individual and group action - something that is sobering when thinking about today’s reliance on digital media and armchair activism.

KIERAN BUTLER: All we have left

Exhibition 21 June – 22 July
Kieran Butler’s debut at Annandale Galleries takes the form of a heartening celebration, tempered with earnest revelations and messages that inspires quiet contemplation. Kieran’s practice spans across fashion, design, performance, photography, text and textiles, examining intersections of photography, environmentalism and patchwork techniques within an ace-enby-trans framework.
Their work reflects on themes of queer identity and familial histories, accompanied by experiences of intimacy, vulnerability, self-awareness, love, desire and grief. Kieran contributes to the growing literature and visual history on ace-enby-trans lived experiences - resources that were not readily accessible to them as a young person.


Exhibition 21 June – 22 July
A sky is a personal space, more than atmosphere. It can be idyllic, ominous or diasporic - a memory or an objective in the distance. The sky is where we look when answers are few and far in every other direction.

110 Trafalgar Street Annandale Sydney NSW 2038 Australia
Tel (61-2) 9552 1699

Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church Twilight Recitals (entry by Donation)

Twighlight Recital Hunter Baillie Church Soprano Georgia Cooper Piano/Organ Stacey Yang Date 25th November Time: 4pm Details on Pahphlet in box at main gate Entry by Donation

Upzoning 122-130 Pyrmont Bridge Road and 206 Parramatta Road, Annandale

Council seeks your feedback on the proposed site-specific amendment to the Leichhardt Development Control (DCP) 2013 for 122-130 Pyrmont Bridge Road and 206 Parramatta Road, Annandale.
Monday 22 May 2023 Submissions open
Wednesday 21 Jun 2023 Submissions close

On 5 May 2023, the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) finalised an amendment to the Inner West Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2022 for the above site.
The new LEP planning controls will facilitate a health services facility on the site, now zoned B5 Business Development Zone with an FSR of 4:1 and a maximum height limit of 35m (equivalent to 8 storeys). The site-specific LEP provisions require that a DCP be prepared which provides detailed guidance for the redevelopment of the site.
At its meeting on 14 March 2023 (C0323(1) Item 4), Council endorsed to place the draft site-specific DCP amendment on public exhibition. Key features of the site-specific DCP amendment
The draft DCP amendment provides more detailed guidelines for the site to support the LEP controls. Key components of this draft DCP include:

These draft provisions will be included as an amendment to Part G of the Leichhardt DCP 2013. This draft DCP amendment has been prepared in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Assessment Regulation 2021.
About the site-specific LEP provisions
The site was subject of a rezoning review. Consequently, the site-specific LEP provisions were prepared and finalised by the DPE (refer to the project history in the FAQs). Site-specific LEP provisions resulted in the following changes:


Voluntary Planning Agreement(VPA) for 1-13 Parramatta Road

Inner West Council and Eranna Pty Ltd are proposing to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) which would take effect on the date it is executed by both parties.
The Voluntary Planning Agreement is in relation to development at 1-13 Parramatta Road, Annandale. A VPA for 1-13 Parramatta Road, Annandale was placed on public exhibition in June 2021. This public exhibition details amendments to the previously exhibited Voluntary Planning Agreement.
The development at 1-13 Parramatta Road will provide a mixed-use development comprising 42 residential units, basement parking and retail shops.
Key features of the VPA

Monday 24 April 2023 Exhibition of amended VPA begins
Tuesday 23 May 2023 Exhibition ends

More at

What's on in Annandale(21 May 2023)

Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church National Trust Heritage Day

Church Organ being restored Sunday 7th May 2023 (Church, Hall and Historical Display open 12-4pm)
Sandstone Church with Steeple at Cnr of Collins and Johnston Street Annandale.

12 – 4pm  Sunday 7th May 2023


Annandale GalleriesNatural Reserve
Opening 22 March 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Exhibition 22 March – 6 May 2023

Ben-David’s first solo at Annandale since 2016 features sculptures, drawings and videos, centred on themes of tragedy and hope, shining a light on the relationship between humanity and the natural world. Seventy-two page catalogue available on request.

"For Ben-David, it’s important that a work projects an initial sense of wonder. Our first feelings when we stand in front of a large installation, are ones of astonishment. The next sensation is pure delight, but this paradise is quickly lost, or at least thrown into question." —John McDonald for Natural Reserve exhibition catalogue

More at

What's on in Annandale(2 April 2023)

Marghanita da Cruz
Editor Annandale on the Web

Native Bee Talk, Ferris Lane (between Ferris St and White's Ck Lane)

SATURDAY, 18 MARCH 2023 FROM 16:00-17:00
Native Bee talk by Gavin Smith from Inner West Beekeepers
Saturday 18th 4-5pm at Magic Lane (Ferris Lane)
Retiring to the Victoria Hotel (cnr of Collins and Young St) at 6pm

More at

What's on in Annandale(18 Mar 2023)


Marghanita da Cruz
Editor Annandale on the Web
Telephone: 0414-869202

Phoenix Collective & Tenzin Choegyal

musicianTibetan superstar, Tenzin Choegya

Loaded Dog Folk Club

loaded dog folk club

Accessible Venue, BYO.
Back Hall, Annandale Community Centre, 79 Johnston St, Annandale
doors open 7 for 7.30 start
Enquiries & bookings
Email:> or
text: 0492 977 202

Annandale Street features in LAHGO video

Written, directed and edited by Max Harris
Cinematography and colour by Jeffim Sheroky
Raúl Estévez as the mob boss
Sariah Roberts as Rob Ez's alter-ego
Rochelle Amys and Natascha Luna Haardt as Pablo's angels
Special thanks to James Isbell and Jeremy Kinstlinger for providing cars

Tibetan Folk in Annandale

In the first tour of 2023, the Phoenix Collective Quartet will showcase the talents of Tibetan superstar, Tenzin Choegyal.

Building on a relationship formed at the 2022 National Folk Festival, this year’s collaboration will feature new material from the Tibetan vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Choegyal, who has previously collaborated with composer Philip Glass and avant-garde multi-media artist Laurie Anderson, draws on his nomadic roots to create a musical style that is all his own.

PCQ will make their debut at Melbourne Recital Centre with Tenzin in April, and will also appear with him at the National Multicultural Festival in February.

PC #1 Phoenix Collective & Tenzin Choegyal (Tibetan Folk)
Fri 17 Feb 7pm - Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Church, cnr Johnston and Collins St Annandale
Bookings and Information:

Johnston St Jazz - Thursdays at 8pm

two people on stageThursdays at 8pm at Annandale Creative Arts Centre
81 Johnston St Annandale
cash or card at the door or
BYO anything you want to eat or drink. We've got tea and coffee and glasses for your wine.

If you can't make it to Annandale, you can watch live stream at (but please pay as if you were in the room). Payment details on Facebook

What's on in Annandale(16 Feb 2023)

More at Annandale on the Web
Marghanita da Cruz
Telephone: 0414-869202

'70s Annandale: A Short Walk

Marghanita da Cruz, the Editor of Annandale on the Web and an Anecdotal History of Annandale has started on the first draft of '70s Annandale.

This will be the 9th book in the series of Annandale History. Each book in this series is a self guided historical walk through Annandale. Each walk explores the people and construction of Annandale. Each book covers two decades of Annandales History a hundred years apart.

The first book in the series, 1890s Annandale: A Short Walk, covers the 1790s and 1890s...more