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Annandale to Circular Quay, Sydney

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red brick building with sandstone arches

This walk starts at the Annandale Post Office and can be done in segments, with Buses or Light Rail to take you back to Annandale, on to Circular Quay, Town Hall or Central Station. Taking a leisurely strol, allow 2 hours to the Fish Markets and another 1.5 hours to Circular Quay.

timber millA 470 bus from the Sydney CBD or a 370 from Coogee Beach, via UNSW and Sydney University, will take you to the Annandale Post Office at the Intersection of Johnston and Booth Sts. Buses also travel past Annandale along Paramatta Rd and the Crescent.

There are cafes and Pubs on Paramatta Rd and Booth St Annandale and along Glebe Point Road.

Annandale Post Office to Rozelle Bay (North along Johnston Street)

Getting your bearings. Annandale Post Office is on the North West corner of the intersection Booth and Johnston Street. From the Post office, cross over Johnston Street, to the local shops then head north along Johnston Street. You will pass Hinsby Park across the road is the 1907 Annandale North Primary School. In front of which is an old Horse Trough.

You can cross at the lights at the school, to view the plaque on the Horse Trough, but the Abbey and Witches Houses built by the first mayor of Annandale, John Young and Kennilworth (One time home of Father of Federation and NSW Premier Henry Parkes)are high above the footpath and best viewed from the opposite (eastern) side of Johnston Street.

Continuing along Johnston Street, you will come upon the winkworth steps to the right of the footpath. There is a pedestrian crossing, with a refuge, just after the steps, and it is recommended to come back to it, after viewing the Grand Houses on Johnston Street, which are a little further along, cross Johnston Street and follow it to Rozelle Bay. You will pass under the arch of a built between 1910 and 1922, to separate the freight and passenger lines, is now used by the Light Rail.

Turn right and follow the bay around towards the City Skyline to Glebe Point.

Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson)

industry on foreshore State Library of NSW Relase for Library Hack 2011 Johnston St ends at the Crescent, where you will get a full view of the ANZAC bridge and behind it the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Continue walking along the paths through Federal and Bicentennial Parks towards the city.

Follow a path toward the CBD, past the children's playground, on the right, and the reintroduced mangroves and beach on the left, to the footbridge across Johnston's creek into Glebe.

Though new, this bridge is a replica of the original bridge. Before crossing the bridge look back over Annandale, for a good view of the grand houses on the cliff overlooking Johnston St - the Witches Houses, the Abbey and Kennilworth. Henry Parkes, Premier of NSW 1872 - 1892 and "Father of Federation" lived at "Kenilworth" in Annandale until his death in 1896.

Looking at The Abbey, Oybin, Hockingdon and Highrod across the mouth of Johnston's Creek (now infilled forehore (Harold Park) in 1883 (viewed 8 Jan 2013).

bays with tall masted ships and houses dotted about foreshoreGlebe Point

Continue over the bridge to Glebe Point - where you get a view of the ANZAC, Glebe Island and Sydney Harbour Bridges. Here, you can either head up Glebe Point Road and explore Glebe or follow the harbour foreshore.

Harbour Foreshore Walk

The Harbour Foreshore path, continues past the restored Bellevue House, following Black Wattle Bay past the Walter Burley Griffin designed Incinerator, the Sydney University BoatShed and Glebe High School before a short diversion away from the foreshore to Pyrmont Bridge Road which will take you to the Sydney Fish Market.

Glebe Point Road Walk

The Glebe Point Road route will take you past the Chinese Temple, look for the signs before you get to the Youth Hostels. Behind the Youth Hostels is Toxteth estate, which has many grand Victorian houses. Continuing along Glebe Point Road, you pass the Library as well as several cafes and pubs.

After Bridge St, look out for Mag's of Glebe on the Northern side St. John’s Bishopthorpe Anglican Church on the Southern side of the road.

Across the Road is the Glebe Post Office (Photo: 1890 and 1907), closed in February 2011.

You can turn left (North) into St John's Road, which will take you past the display room of the Inner City Clayworkers.

From the Clayworkers Gallery, you can turn left into Darghan Street and at 57A Darghan Street you will find Lyndhurst. On the way to Lyndhurst, Darghan street, crosses Lyndhurst Street, after visiting Lyndhurst, head North along Lyndhurst Street, which will bring you to steps, which will take you to Wentworth Park.

Without the detour, St John's Road ends at Wentworth Park, where there are regular Greyhound races. Turn left, away from the City, to visit the Sydney Fish Markets.

Sydney Fish Markets

Passing the viaduct and the Soccer (Football) Training grounds used by the Nerds FC.

All fish sold commercially in NSW passes through the Fish Market and there are auctions of the daily catch in the early hours of each day. However, later in the day the markets turn into a gourmet's delight. You can buy fresh fish, vegetables, cheeses and wines and take them home. Or have your fish prepared on the spot, as Sushi, Barbeque, Grilled or tossed in a Wok and eat it at one of the outdoor tables on the boardwalk overlooking blackwattle bay.

From the Fish markets, you can catch the Light Rail to Central Station via Darling Harbour and China Town or continue walking through Pyrmont. The light rail takes you back to annandale over the viaduct.

Pyrmont & Darling Harbour

Exiting via the fishmarket carpark, will bring you out under the ramp to the ANZAC bridge and the Roadway to the old Glebe Island bridge. Continue along this road until you reach the now closed Glebe Island bridge then turn right and into Pyrmont with its large number of new highrise apartments.

Following the harbour as closely as possible will bring you to a boardwalk and eventually the Sydney Casino and Maritime Museum. From there you can catch a ferry to Circular Quay or walk over Pyrmont Bridge, now reserved for Pedestrians and Cyclists, into the heart of the City. As you walk over the Pyrmont bridge, the tall sailing ship moored to the south of the bridge is the James Craig which lost its original figurehead in 1917. Though not on the ship there is a new figurehead.

Sydney CBD & Circular Quay

You can walk along George Street, and enjoy the many old buildings along the way, and at any stage, catch one of numerous buses, along it, which will take you to Circular Quay.

This page last updated 8 January 2013.