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Carbon Footprint of Daily Traffic through Annandale

In 2005, an average of over 120,000 vehicles travelled through Annandale each dayRTA.

If all these vehicles were the 2010 Holden VE SIDI Commodore Berlina and they travelled just 1km, they would have generated 301g CO2-e(greenguide) each. The total CO2-e equivalent generated by Traffic through Annandale, in just one day, would be 301g*120,000 vehicles =36,120kg.

A Hardwood Tree, such as box, gum or olive, with a 32cm girth stores 17 kg or the CO2-e of 62kg(Tree Carbon Calculator). To be carbon neutral, Annandale would need the equivalent of 582 Trees for each day's traffic!

CO2-e Emissions from 120,000 Cars/Day

(more vehicles at greenguide)
VehicleUrban CO2-eNumber of Trees (*)
2009 Toyota Prius 1.8L 4cyl, CVT 1 speed Hatch, 5 seats, 2WD 90g/km174
2008 Fiat 500 1.2L 4cyl, Other 5 speed Sedan, 4 seats, 2WD118g/km228
Honda Jazz Gli 1.3L 4cyl, Man 5 speed Hatch, 5 seats, 2WD138g/km263
2009 Suzuki Alto GL 1.0L 3cyl, Man 5 speed Hatch, 4 seats, 2WD 139g/km268
2009 Lexus RX450h 3.5L 6cyl, CVT 1 speed Wagon, 5 seats, 4WD155g/km299
Mercedes-Benz A Class A200 2.0L 4cyl, Man 5 speed Sedan, 5 seats, 2WD 231g/km447
2010 Holden VE SIDI Commodore Berlina 3.0L 6cyl, Auto 6 speed Sedan, 5 seats, 2WD301g582
2009 Great Wall X240 2.4L 4cyl, Man 5 speed Wagon, 5 seats, 4WD 319g/km617
Hardwood with CarBlue Goget*Number of 32cm Hardwood Trees it would take to absorb the CO2-e generated by 120,000 vehicles travelling just 1km/day through AnnandaleLinfox Truck being unloaded in Bus Stop

Traffic Statistics for Annandale

(Extracted from RTA Statistics for traffic in Sydney RTA)

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STYLE STEAST OF EMMA ST113941139996458682
MINOGUE CREAST OF NELSON ST14455137222161515052
BOOTH STEAST OF TAYLOR ST18700168202196816170162301558011225
JOHNSTON STNORTH OF BOOTH ST9970100901514115017138031563415724
PARRAMATTA RD (E/W)BRIDGE RD(S) STANMORE76260 76097695307124472248

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